Friday, March 19, 2010


OH MY GOSH!! I have news!!! I been praying lately about a subject but not sharing(that is why I have been so quiet!! I knew if I got started here I would be begging for prayers and letting the cat out of the bag!) Our home assessment agency asked us a few weeks ago, if we were interested in a newborn baby boy! (in state) We were unsure, HA! I had just said, whew! we have finally gotten every kid potty trained and starting school and we hsve NO BABIES! We were saying, wow, this is kind of nice. lol
So it was the LAST thing on our minds. I mean how often to people in the adoption world get offered a brand new baby? We have already been blessed with two! We never dreamed another would come. So, we said, we could be open to it. Then the b mom decided on another family. We let it go. Then I got an email yesterday from our case worker asking if she could please share our information with the b mom. We prayed and I talked to a few people, and we said yes. She immediately sent back a reply that the b mom says "start the plans." We had a small glitch about home schooling. She wanted the baby to be in private school. I carefully sent back a respectful email that we would not be changing our home schooling. Then we waited until this morning to hear the reply. WE are ON!!! The baby boy is due the 23rd!! THIS TUESDAY!! We havent had a baby in this house for nearly 5 years! I have to gather crib/carseat and everything in the next 24-36 hrs! lol I am flustered, but in a flurry of excitement. I need prayers!! please? and um, maybe baby name ideas?? We have Paul(my brother) as a middle name possibility... I will update you when we have more news!


Lori said...

You know how excited I am for you, friend!! Wow, God loves to take us on some pretty grand twists and turns, huh?! He makes life adventurous, no doubt about it!

Keep us updated!

Daughter to THE King said...

Hello Hezra! I found your blog sometime ago off of a freinds blog and have been following since. I am so excited for your news! I would be happy to bless you with some boys things, mainly clothes, I will have to do some digging but if you want them they are yours! We serve an amazing God!!!!

Alicia said...

Oh wow! Maybe I need to go through Aidan's baby clothes? So happy for you my friend!

I'm partial to the name Aidan.. ;-)

Hezra said...

"daughter" and Alicia thank you so much or your offers. I am so humbled.I have no idea WHAT we will need. I would love to have your email address, "daughter". Alicia, I KNOW I like Aiden too!!! email me!

Ruth Branson said...

Wow, Hezra, this is unbelievable news!!!! You're right - how often does this happen in the adoption world (and, BEING in the adoption world myself, I am totally envious...but very, very happy for you, and for the baby). What a whirlwind, indeed. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could give you a hand getting ready, but I CAN pray for you all...and will!

Re: names, of course I love my son's name: Matthew (meaning 'gift of God').

If we're able to adopt a boy in our journey towards an Ethiopian adoption, there's a good chance we'd use the name 'Nathan' somewhere in his name because we also love that name. Other names I love: Benjamin; Luke; Mark; David.

Many, many blessings...and much speed as you get ready!


Jean said...

Oh My goodness!! That is incredible!!! Yippee!! Can you hear me I am cheering and have goosebumps all over!! Congrats and God bless- can't wait to hear more!!