Sunday, March 14, 2010

Husband hunt???

My sweet baboo, who is 8, saw the World's richest men list. I was amazed that the 3rd richest man in the WORLD lives in a home he bought for 31,000 in 1958! I think that is incredible. Well, while I am talking about that, she says oh, there is a whole list of the rich men and their homes! Well, yes, they are not all so frugal. She said, ooooh we can find a rich husband! There is one that lives in FRANCE!! I have always wanted to go to FRANCE!!! I said what?? she says, well, we can marry a rich man and live in a mansion! (probably thinking, fill it up with brothers and sisters and fund any adoption we could find!) Well, small problemo there Sweet thing. YOU are too young, and I am too married. lol So, I wouldn't pack for France any time soon.(poor Daddy huh?) Then I notice it shows his age. The young bachelor in question?? Our prime husband candidate?? He is a mere 70. lol Yes I need to counsel my daughter on the things to look for in a hubby. Where have I gone wrong?


Ruth Branson said...

Your post made me laugh!! That's hilarious. Yeah, just ship daddy off somewhere and head to France to become family with a wealthy 70-year-old! I love the stuff kids come up was good of her to include you in her plans!


Lori said...

That is so funny! Just tell your little darling that money can't buy happiness. *However, it sure can buy a lot of fun stuff!*

susieloulou said...

Your post made me laugh, too! When two of my daughters were around 13 and 16 the younger one said "I'm going to marry a millionaire and be a philanthropist." The older one exclaimed, "Hey! That's what I'm doing!"
I had the same thought - where have I gone wrong?!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Hilarious! Oh the things that come out of their little mouths:)

Jean said...

Well I have a sister that is going to be 62- I think we should hook them up!

It is good to have big dreams But 70 may be a bit on the old side!