Saturday, May 26, 2012

Forever ago?

I am so sorry. If there are any sweet friends who still read this blog, I would like to apologize for having not posted in FOREVER! It has been a roller coaster of a several months long ride. I HATE ROLLER COASTERS!!! We have had the new kids here since Dec 29th, 2011. It has been a life lesson in the school of hard knocks. Literally. I have so much to say, but so much that needs discretion too. For kids' sake and for the sake of State rules until adoption is final. I am awed by the system of adopting from foster care. I am appalled at the crazy stuff that American kids go through when removed from their birth homes all in the name of "their good." I understand there will be holes in the system, but I intend to do something( and I am completely unsure of WHAT!) to help other kids.Praying now about what that would be. Our kids are adjusting pretty well. (two easier and one harder and much slower.) We get to finalize any time after June 29th. So we are in the final stretch. The two older kids were required to public school for this six month waiting period. They finished Thursday. So Friday we had our first REAL day as a full family of home-schoolers. I have two sets of twins here in the 4th and 5th grades.(how fun is THAT!? lol no really I think it is fun. Give me another year and a few more hormones and I might be crying about it. lol) I begin high school homeschooling this year. I am a little nervous. But hey we survived pre algebra and we are moving on to algebra. No big deal. (really!) and I love my teenager. (again ! REALLY!) I have a kindergartener again. This shocked me. I said if I have to teach this phonics again I will scream. (I did) But here we go again. And I really feel I should get some sort of award from the company. I have had to buy three copies of the teachers manual since 1998. And more workbooks than I care to count. But I dont see me adopting any more children younger than Miss A. So I will happily retire this asap! I have two with learning difficulties who are NOT yet readers at 7 and 8. I am hoping to see HUGE improvement this summer. With all these 10 and 12 year olds I will have plenty of listeners to the kids sounding out H-A-T for the millionth time. ;-) We have officially become a poultry farm this year. I went to the feed store for chick days(which has lasted since FEBRUARY!!) I go in for feed, and POOF! They have more fuzzballs. I sneaked them home in purse, box, pocket... I have an addiction. Good news though, I KNOW it and fully admit it. I am seeking help. Rehab. It takes place in my yard as I feed and water my nearly 50 mostly teenage chickens. In a month or so I will be getting over 30 eggs a day potentially. lol I am beginning a sell list now. I have an assortment of amazing layers(about 20) standard size hens. One Rhode Island red rooster that got mis-sexed at the feed store. And then about 30 Bantams!! So some of those eggs will be tiny. I have a few breeds I love so I am making breed box coops for a rooster and a few hens of those breeds. My hubby has built neat and nearly free coops! I will post pics as soon as possible. Cause I know people are SO interested. Heh heh