Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wedding day Dec 16th 1995

Merry Christmas 2009 !!

Happy holidays from our crew to yours! May your Christmas be full of peace and joy, and your new year filled with blessings! (((Hugs)))

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making a house a home. (safely)

I have been using a company's products for 7 years now. Melaleuca.(yes you can google that) I just wanted to share a teensey about what WE have experienced with their products. First, I will say I HATE selling things. So don't think I am. lol really and honestly. I am simply sharing because right at this moment I am sitting here with cotton in my ears trying to fight off what I assume to be an ear infection beginning. To do this, I use a product of theirs. Tea tree oil!! The home remedy for ear infections is so easy and it really has saved us so much money and of course kept the kids from so many antibiotics.
(use a children's medicine measuring cup or other tiny container)
mix :
a few drops of olive oil
a few drops of hot water
a few drops of tea tree oil
* then dab a cotton ball in the mix until it is soaked. Squeeze it out well. Then put in ear(you may have to tear it in half before dipping)
Do this as much as possible and especially at bedtime. Do this at first sign of ear ache if possible. This will kill infection and heal the ear. If you have a full blown ear infection, be sure to squeeze the cotton ball well, because it may sting if the ear is really inflamed. I have had to wait until kids were asleep to put theirs in sometimes.
Aside from their top grade tea tree oil, this company sells home cleaning products that are safe, and non-toxic laundry and dish care. They have the BEST laundry stuff. Really. If you look at their prices though, it may seem expensive, but their stuff is super concentrated. I use 1 TABLESPOON in a large load of clothes and they are super clean. I once got ink out of a new quilt(pale pink quilt) by using their stain treatment and then detergent.
They have safe body care products. Beauty products. PET products. Diet products. dish care products, Nutrition etc. I have to share about their vitamins. I was super anemic after having my third baby. I had colon problems that we could not get a clear diagnosis on. My liver tests were elevated to hundreds of times what they ought to have been. My Dr wanted me to have a full blood transfusion. They gave me iron supplements but my body could not absorb ANY nutrients. at. all. These vitamins have a different make up that allows the body to absorb them quickly and more efficiently than most vitamins. My bloodwork improved very quickly after beginning to take them! They are really amazing supplements.
They have candles which wont emit harmful things into your home air.
It really has saved us money to use this company. It has saved our environment locally by NOT having such harsh chemicals in our home. It has affected MY bloodwork(removing toxins from the home causes my liver to not work as hard), it has given me products I feel good about my children using.(I can have them clean and not worry about fumes or skin burns!) Just today I realized how many of their items are in my daily routines. I was thinking about how much money I have saved, how much cleaner our air is, and about how much better I feel. And I had to share!
If a person were wanting to buy, they can sign up like at S*m's with a 30.00 fee. Then there would be a requirement of about 45.00 a month to keep the PC or "preferred customer" status. So, look at the PC price. It is well worth signing up, to detox your home, and make you feel better. AND your cleaning will be easier, and your clothes will be cleaner! OH(speaking of clothes!) their laundry stuff is actually helping to keep our clothes looking newer. It does not fade or tear or wear out your clothes. We have clothes that have been passed through family after family... and they last so well.
If you are interested in their products but are unsure about signing up, I can order things FOR you and have them shipped to you, then you can pay me through paypal or check. I would not make anything for this-- just getting you the stuff at my cost.I just want everyone to realize the value and effectiveness of this stuff. I think it could help save lives in fact. I feel very sure it played a vital role in saving MINE. if you have any questions, email me : Have a happy FRIDAY!!


I am so frustrated!!! I cannot stand the icky consumerism one more minute!! AND it is only DEC 3rd!!! I look at online stores and just think, sheesh, really? Do my kids need that? I get emails, and catalogs daily. FREE SHIPPING! 25% off!! BUY BUY MORE MORE..... your kid NEEDS this. Your home can't be without THIS for the holidays.
GAH!! I can't take it! I want a home for the holidays. A home where there is love, warmth, family and friends. Laughing, eating, and lots of reading and snuggling. I want my kids to see that the REAL meaning of Christmas is Christ. Love, honor, respect,sacrifice... Not getting MORE STUFF!!!!
I waded through the boys' room today. It was a MESS. The only toys they have in there are legos. But there are SO MANY! But what do they want for Christmas? a 3000 piece set of star wars lego STUFF! It is not that I do not wish to bless my kids. It is just that I am tired. Tired of tripping over the same toys. Tired of hearing them say, "do you know what I want for Christmas?", and tired of feeling the pressure to buy at every side.
Maybe my Moriah has it right. She said, "mommy? Here is what I want for Christmas. A toy pony, and for Audrey(my niece) to come over. Something to play with and someone to love. Ahhh... if only everyone on earth could get THAT for Christmas!