Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the funny version of gift of the Magi

Wow, I have been out of the blog world for a while. So sorry. I am so behind. I have to share a funny Christmas story with you. This year, I knew my hubby wanted a big TV. OK, you must know, the budget was not going to allow the size he would like to have(nor would our living room for that matter.) So one day not long before Christmas, I took my kids to play dates and the teenager with me for assistance. We went to w/m and looked for an HR at just the TVs. We checked prices, size, brands until I had a headache. Then we picked the reasonable one, and even took it to the little end of the aisle scanner thingy so we could be CERTAIN it was the right price.(note here, two people holding this TV under that teeney bar code scanner long enough to hear the Beep.... hilarious because the barcode was at an odd spot out of the range. lol we were squatted down and holding it weird and looking like idiots.)
When we got to the check out, I paid with my personal credit card to be super sneaky. ;-) I taught my teenager so many shopping tricks.
Then, even though we were on the same side of town as the kids, we had to drive 20 minutes back to our place because my niece lives close to us and I was storing it in her garage. We did a super fast drop off, then raced back to get the other kids. The hubby was home from work and cooking by this point. We all came in and collapsed on the sofas. Chatted about the day a bit.Then a call came. It was from his dear friend from our college days. He is a bachelor still. They chatted. After he got off the phone, he says, "guess what?! Jon wants to give us his TV and entertainment center!!! IT IS HUGE!!!" lol I just sank back to the sofa. laughing. I had to go to the other room and inform the teen. He sat down all dejected on his bed and said "WHAT?!" I said, yep, Buddy, we get to take that thing back. lol
ok, well, while my big gift for him was ruined, we still got an amazing and FREE TV. He later said it was the thought that counts. I dunno about that. It seems to me that Jon thought way more of him. lol just kidding. Anyhoo, we are very grateful for our new TV and for our sweet friend who answered a prayer. Guess I was just not sneaky enough. But there is always NEXT year. For which I will begin planning now.