Sunday, March 28, 2010

the kid in the middle

This is an oldie... but a favorite. The baby is my little baby brother, Joe. The pretty lady would be my mom, the sweet sunshiney girl in the middle would be, oh! That would be ME! Then the oh so funny, rabbit ear making big brother is Paul. My older brother. I was the kid in the middle. The only girl child left at home.What are some things a girl learns when sandwiched betweeen a couple of determined guys like these?? She learns to always watch her back, guard her stuff and stay out of their way when they are trying something stupid.
My older brother taught me that there are some things in life you should NEVER try. Like smoking in the hay barn, riding your bike off the garage, and trying to pack three kids on a two kid sled.(in case you don't know what will happen-- the smallest kid on front WILL fall off and then the sled WILL glide over her and she MAY break a few teeth!) My little brother taught me to change diapers, fold cloth ones, and to love something smaller than myself.
They taught me to laugh, love and live. They were rough, rowdy and crazy, but they are also such loving amazing people. They are the absolute MOST amazing brothers! Yay for brothers and ode to the issue of being the kid in the middle.


Lori said...

I'm a middle child too!! I knew there was another reason I adored you so much! :)

Such a lovely post! And a great pic. I had an exact replica of your hair do...only in brunette.

Hope you are doing well...I've been praying, friend.

*Overflowing* said...

LOVE this picture!! Another thing we have in common...I'm a middle kid, too ;)

Praying for you continually!! Love you!

Jean said...

Absolutely an adorable picture! Your Mom looks like on of the kids!!

Sorry- I'm not the middle but I would have liked to have been! I was the youngest and it was too quiet and lonely...