Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, our case worker has said we wait until tomorrow. They are waiting to see if she will really have it. No progress so far. SO we are packed and ready. AND, My sweet niece and her family will come here and stay with the kids. So we can go alone! Just us!! We will be able to focus and sign papers and snuggle the baby alone for a bit before bringing him home to our loud, crazy family. lol POor lil' guy, hope he is a sound sleeper. I have two little kids who are whining, "but I wanted a baby brudder today!!!" Moriah asked, "can we make it a GIRL baby??" lol, um, nope sorry.
OK while we wait, I am taking name suggestions from anyone. Even your KIDS can get in on it. seriously we are desperate. We are having fun with it here.
I think his middle name will be Paul after my oldest brother. So something that goes well with that would be great.

My younger brother has suggested Shooter, Wayne, and Roscoe.Then nicely suggested Graham as a real option.
The kids are all begging for Jacob or Jake.
The hubster loves Isaac(but we already have an Isaiah!!)and Jacob
I like Judah(Jude?), Matthew(means gift of the Lord), Emmett, Bennett(means blessed little one!)Jack,Wyatt,
My mom has suggested Whit
alrighty.... share your options and we will let you know what we think he looks like when we see him. I am hoping and praying roads clear up a bit tomorrow! Thanks for all your prayers and kind words. They really have helped!


Daughter to THE King said...

Clayton??? I always was partial to that name.

LesleyReid said...

I love the name Paul Timothy :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love the name Matthew. I also like Stephen. I probably shouldn't contribute because I don't know all of the names of your children! lol

Praying the weather clears up and you can leave to get your sweet baby...can't wait to see his little face.

Misty said... you can see I am catching up on your blog:) hehehe!! know name suggestions..but I like several that you have listed..
Jacob, Isaac, Wyatt, Timothy, Whit..all good names hmmm...will ponder on this a bit, but I have a feeling that you will look at him and know his name:0) God bless