Thursday, July 23, 2009

mom is feeling slightly human

In case there are any who are wondering. . . I AM feeling slightly more human. I can gulp water now. Praise the LORD! I can eat some food too. And the great thing, it actually tastes a little like it should. Faintly. I am less queasy, and in MUCH less pain. Thank you for your prayers.(thanks mama! I got your message on email but the guys have taken my phone so I can "rest." HAH! )
I had to share something kind of funny. . . My lunch(canned chicken and rice soup) was my first real meal. It was served in a 2 qt mixing bowl and with a small serving spoon.and an appology about the dishes. My supper( soft bbq beef and some mashed potatoes! YUMMY) was served in a saucer. I am guessing there was a shortage of clean dishes. Ha ha. But hey! They are feeding me and I can eat. I just had to ask for seconds on my saucer. That is okay with me. He did get them to clean up, and I heard dishes banging recently so I am guessing they had to load the dishwasher. He took them to the library(so what if it was for more movies and books to keep them quiet?) and then took three to the college pool. Riley babysat Moriah.(really funny!She was bossing HIM around.) So, I thought you might like to know I am feeling better. Maybe tomorrow I will actually be out of bed! And Dan is keeping the kids alive, and feeding me. Not bad, not bad at all.

mommy's sick. . . . nooooo!!!

OK, so I was feeling pretty bad Tuesday. Slight sore throat... a little weak. Then Tuesday night I had severe chills and high fever. Hubsy had to go to work for an early meeting then he was heading back home. He said YOU are going to the Dr! I said, no, I just wanna go back to bed. My throat hurts. BEsides, I know what strep looks like. After I got off the phone, I thought, oh, but I haven't looked at my throat. So I did. Um this was an obvious case that there will be no need for the culture swab. I began getting dressed in an almost laughable hurry. He took me to urgent care. The Dr. . . (picture Will Farrel in "Elf") said, "ohhh, that looks like an ANGRY case of strep!" Then he proceeded to wash his hands extra long and sat 5 ft away. . . thanks for making me feel like a freak. Could have used a hug, but no. . . So I said, um, I am in serious opain. Can't swallow, even BREATHING hurts. Is there any pain medicine I could have? I can't swallow Tylenol of Ibuprofin. He said, "oh I highly reccommend you take something for pain. I will get you Loritab Liquid". I almost cried with relief at the THOUGHT of relief. So, he said, "REST, take your meds and go to BED! Drink as much water as you can. Get better." I said, "Roger that." Then I go to pay my bill. They take my insurance card, then my debit card. THEN SHE AIMS A WEBCAM AT MY FACE!!! Hello?? She said, "I need your picture id for your chart." I said, um, "when I am sick???" She said, "well, that is the only time we see you here at urgent care." So, adding insult to injury, they took a picture of me with frizzy bed head, no make up, and looking a translucent shade of white.(which make my freckles stand out even more) OH and I had my thick lenses glasses on too!! MY outfit was halfway cute but they didn't get that! It was like Jr high picture day all over again. But I took my drugs and went home. Today, I could use your prayers. I am feeling pretty miserable. Even with pain meds, I am hurting. And I have begun feeling queasy(please Lord, NOT THAT! This throat cannot handle that!) and I woke up with a rash. I still can barely swallow. I haven't eaten much. I woke up in baggy pjs, which means I am losing weight rapidly(that could be a good thing but I need food a little!) So, please pray for me? thank you. Sorry, I do not have their webcam photo of me to post here. . . lol I can only imagine how lovely it was. I offered to bring them a glamor shot later but they said no. . . meanies. I found them to be very unsympathetic nurses!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big boys take first trip with Non and Pop

My kids call my parents, Non and Pop. They don't get to spend a whole lot of time together. I know it seems awful, but at the same time, my parents have had a bad run of health issues. Things are looking up though! My dad had his 5 month after surgery cancer scan, and there is no cancer! Praise God! Because of this my parents wanted to snag some grandkids and get away to thei favorite state park. They were gone awhole weekend, which is kind of a big deal. My house was oddly quiet with only three kids. I used the time to rearrange and organize their room.(MUCH easier to do with them away!)
Elijah informed me on night two. . . when he gets on the phone, there is no "hello mom, I miss you. . ." nope, he says in his dry tone, "your dad's a cheater at paddle boats!" OH dear! I forgot to warn the kids not to ride with dad. It is true, my dad relaxes the entire time, hands folded behind his head and feet propped up on the front of the boats.(while the paddle boat buddy is paddling feverishly around the lake) My childhood came rushing back. I said, oh man, I am so sorry, Buddy. Then he informs me he had to ride with Non on Go carts(double whammy!)She has the record for the slowest driving on go carts and he's my daredevil, need for speed guy. It was devastating to him to be ONE inch too short to drive one alone. But regardless of that one getting the raw end of both of THOSE deals, they had fun.

Here are some pics from their trip:

Home study panic

These are the kinds of messes that happen every time I walk out of a room. A war zone in one room and a teddy teaparty in another. . . I know I should just assume the social worker knows kids live here. They seem happy in their clutter, but still. . . CAN'T we have it all clean for a little while????

I am officially in panic mode! Thursday is the big day. We still have a few things on hubby's side of the paperwork to get done. . . because he waits until the last stinking minute for ANYTHING! So, my panic levels get higher. He had to work in the city three hrs away today. So he was gone all day, then came home to nap. Meanwhile, I woke up sick! NOOOO! It is a cold of gargatuan porportions. My throat feels as though I have swallowed a flaming sword. Water tastes odd. Even though I know I need it, it is hard to drink. So, that means kids did a lot of TV viewing, and made messes I was unable to follow after and get to. My littles are in bed though, and D is up. So maybe there is still hope here. I got rid of everything in my closet that doesn't fit or that looks awful. Ahh the freedom! (unfortunatey that freedom may require going naked three days of every week for a while.) I did have lots more room in my closet though, so I moved sewing stuff there and organized it. My sewing table is clear! My bedroom is swept and mopped. And we move onward to other rooms.I can tell there are people praying though, because my anxiety levels are not as high as they COULD be about now. So thanks to any and all who are praying.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

who knew?

So we all know a trampoline can be a fun thing. It is also useful for getting into shape, burning excess boy energy and staying healthy. BUT who knew it could also be a way of getting a stinking great hair do?

My niece Audrey Kate 3 yrs

Saturday, July 18, 2009

kitties and kiddies

What can you do with a kitten?? Well, you can carry him around in a bucket of course! Bucket o kitten. Should come with a drink and fries. . . but look at those faces. Better than a happy meal for making them smile. Should I add we do not, nor have we ever eaten a kitten? Ok, so Moriah DID lick his ear. When I asked why she licked kitty's ear, she said, (in a very serious voice) "HE licked ME first!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I was born in this small town and have NEVER moved. Durant, OK. Not sure why, but I sort of like it here.
2. I loved school. well, I liked it until the 4th grade when I had to move. I hated that school. Otherwise I am the nerdy love sharpend pencils and new notebooks and pointy crayons type.
3. I really love kids. I know it is weird maybe, but I actually enjoy other peoples kids. (usually. . . there are a certain few who will remain name less who irritate)I love their take on life. refreshing, honest and funny.
4. Just because I like them does not mean I enjoy teaching children's church. I actually hate that to a spectacular degree.
5. I am passionate about adoption and it started with my first cabbage patch doll. Whom I really believed NEEDED me or she was doomed to life as an orphan in a cabbage.
6.Now my adoption thoughts run deeper and way more serious. I feel every kid deserves love and family.
7.I love being funny. Getting a laugh is some sort of high for me. Joyfully, my kids have inherited this and we all laugh alot.
8.I seriously HATE cooking. I like to bake for gifts or holidays or just to be nice, but I HATE making three meals a day- day after day after day.
9. I have two brothers and one sister. I remember wishing my little brother would be a sister. Even dressed him up like a girl(so sorry Joe), but I am now so glad I have him. He is an awesome and valuable wealth of information on the guy side. ;-) My spy.
10. I love my parents.
11.I adore my little brother(who is now almost thirty). I took care of him when he was a baby, then well, as a toddler. hm, now that I think about it-- as a teen too. . . well darn I have spent a HUGE portion of my life taking care of that boy. What thanks have I got??? ;-) Oh yeah, he loves me.
12. My kids are awesome. They have problems. They are not always obedient. They are real. I adore them for that. (ok well, sometimes the say anything but say it respectfully bites me in the butt)
13. It really bugs me that no one ever comments on my blog. It is like I am posting just to hear myself think.
14. I hate religion, but really love God.
15. I really enjoy teaching my kids.
16. I love reading, writing and thinking
17. I love sewing, crocheting and making pretty things.
18. I love painting. I mean like painting rooms. Murals. LOVE picking the colors and swipingthem on and watching the mood of a room transform.. . yes I know I am a bit weird.
19. I have a problem with containers. I a m addicted to them. I LOVE the idea that every thing has a little home. Unfortunately, I am alone in this quest here at my house. Others ould care less about WHERE their things are until they need them to walk out the door. Then I hear, "do you know where my _______ is?" At which point I lose it and scream YOU HAVE A BOX FOR THAT!!!
20. I love Mexican food.
21. I love Tiramisu. . . ahh with a cup of coffee with half and half. . . hmmmmm
22. I hate a messy house, but I seem powerless to fight the current.
23. I hate having people over. (see #22)
24. I love great literature.
25. I one day want to be a writer that actually gets published.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The birds and the bees. . .child #1

I am stealing an idea from my bloggy friend and doing a True story this happy Tuesday.
Our story begins with our eldest being 8. It was Christmas. Our kids were 8,6,4,23 mos and 8 mos. We were discussing the story of baby Jesus and his birth over supper. I was planning to read the story and bathe the kids, then put them in their fresh new Christmas pjs. Well, it went a little . . . off my plan. I got to the part where Mary was expecting and Joseph didn't know what to do. Riley said, WHAT? They weren't MARRIED?(uh oh) Elijah said, you are kidding?(huh?) Olivia says, "baby Jesus had no daddy???"(sweet kid). The babies happily munched on, but then Riley said, oh, so there was no sperm? Dan and I stopped midbite. I swear I could hear crickets. Isaw 4 prs of brown eyes looking expectantly at me.(one set was a grown up pair of my hubby) I said, um, Riley where did you hear that word? We haven't , um, talkred about that with school yet.(we homeschool) He shrugged and said casually, "oh I havebeen readin' the encyclopedias." Dan muttered something about--"store them on a higher shelf", and no one else asked any more questions. I thought we were done for a while. But then a few months later. . . the real questions came.
Dad and Riley were on KP duty. Washing dishes. I hear, "Dad, are sperm amphibians or reptiles." Lots of silence. Dan said, "um, amphibians, I guess" Riley laughed and said, "no dad, I know WHAT they are, I was just kidding. What I don't know is, how they get from the guy to the uterus. HAH! Dad was sufficiently scared away, because the word uterus had arrived on the scene from his 9 year old son. He stammered. . . "um, well, I bet your mom would tell you that." I said(through gritted teeth)
I think that is the DADS job!" This went on a bit and Riley said exasperated, would SOMEBODY tell me??" I said, "ok, go to my room and we will have a grown up chat." I gave D a last glare. . . So when we sat down, I said(wisely I might add-- God provided this one) "well, Riley, you tell me what you know about reproduction and I will answer any questions and fill in the gaps." Well, I won't bore you with embarrassing details. Let's just say, he asked all the right questions. We left no stone unturned. The whole story of the birds and the bees was let loose. He took it well. He even said, "mom, thank you for telling me the truth. Why didn't dad tell me?" I said, well, you just shocked him. We weren't expecting these questions so, um, soon." He said, "oh." Then, "well, you know, after all this time, I thought moms had the hard job." I said, "what do you mean?" He said, "well, the mom has to carry the baby, then birth the baby, then breastfeed the baby. She doesn't get much sleep. . . Now I know the dad has a hard job too." I said,"um, really?(trying to figure out where I had gone wrong)" He said, "well, yeah, How that man EVER convinces that woman to sleep naked I will NEVER know!" Then he scampered off like the normal 9 year old kid. Like he hadn't just blown me out of the toddler pool into the deep waters of preteen ocean.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sweet Stuff Shop!

Here are a few of the things listed in my Etsy shop. Please check it out? Thanks! Oh and a yarn sale means new dishcloth colors coming. I am as busy as a shoemakers elf here. . . crochet hook whistling away. . . Please check them out. The store is :

Friday, July 10, 2009

new pjs!

I made the girls new pjs! They are simple camisoles with little appliques and flannel shorts. They had too much fun modeling! Btw, Jo*nns has their kids flannels 50% off!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mama's bed and strange bedfellows

I have no idea what magic excudes from me as I sleep. It DRAWS children of all sizes and ages. Dad leaves for work early in summer and as soon as he is gone, the bed fills up like it is the last life raft on a sinking ship. Not to mention the tiny tot that comes every night about 2 am. I am all for attachment parenting. I am just all for getting a space bigger than 12 inches for my much larger body. I have noticed that when they come, they bring things with them. Moriah brings her blankie,and a pillow. She clambers up and has this soft sleepy eyed smile as she snuggles, I mean pushes in between us. Then she drifts quickly back to sleep. One morning this last week I woke up to find a mini cinderella doll, and 2 stuffed kittens, a blankie, a pillow. . . and the girl was GONE. She got up to play with the real kittens. Then I looked around and saw Rescue Heroes hanging all over my metal scrolled footboard. Then there was the flock of stuffed sheep Isaiah sleeps with-- the night nights. There were a few socks at the bottom too. All from one night of crazy sleep.