Sunday, March 7, 2010

Club food

We have now become a part of a club. The S@ms club. The "buy your food in Gi-normous sizes because you have more than two kids" club. We buy peanut butter in what appears to be a a 1 gallon can, and gatorade, and lemonade and nesquick. ALL in the same size cans. If I can figure out how to wash, and decorate those cans.... well, that will be another craft project blog. Anyway, we bought paper towels in a sz that looked like we could throw a fitted sheet and comforter over it as a guest bed! I am not exaggerating here. And of course triplet ketchups and jelly. Orange juice in big 4 can pack. The possibilities of huge food there is endless. But the biggie(yes, pun intended)... Kr@ft MAC n CHEESE. So the next morning, this is what Moriah wanted for breakfast.

I would say, this is the cheeziest please mommy EVER. (again, full of puns today. But yeah, she is cute.( And don't worry I only made her hold that incredibly heavy box for a few seconds. No children were actually harmed in the shooting of this photo and we ARE doling out the heavily processed macaroni over the course of a month and not, say a single week. Just thought you might need to know that.)


Jean said...

That is one huge box of Mac n Cheese! I may have to start shopping there as we add to our family!

Love the post and I'm so glad no one was hurt in the process!

The Source said...

Ugh. I refuse to shop there any more! Because my kids? They live under the impression that if it's IN the house and it's EDIBLE it must be eaten RIGHT NOW! That goes for two dozen boxes of mac & cheese, a four pack of family sized lasagna or 87 bananas. Whatever is brought into the house HAS to be consumed NOW. So I can't buy in bulk or they'll all be bulky!

Hi... said...

We joined Costco/Priceclub in Canada a few years ago and I've had to learn (the hard way!) that it's not always good to buy things in such large quantities...even for an excellent price. The price discount doesn't seem so dramatic when you're eating your tenth consecutive box of some noodle dish, or when you discover at the back of your pantry the remaining nine boxes yet to use up!

I still go there, but now I go with a list and I'm very picky about what I get there.