Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Where have I been you ask? Well, the hubster injured his ankle on the 4th of July. Then we found out in the same time frame that our 10 yr olds baseball team qualified for regionals and our summer vacation got a detour. I became the packer, loader and kid wrangler for the summer while you-know-who had to stay propped up. (generally with a laptop. Just sayin') So then he found out he had to have surgery to repair his tendon.(!?) And this began 8 weeks of recovery. Mercy. SO in the middle of all this, we began school and our 3 yr old golden retriever, Sam, decided he needs more space. Every day. He became an escape artist of top notch quality. He dug, chewed, pried etc every SINGLE DAY! Then proceeded to bark at the neighbors incessantly. Bark up the sun. Bark at the mailman... you get the idea. While he is a sweet dog, we were getting fed up with broken fencing and gathering his butt back to our yard! So, I took sweet pictures and posted him on facebook. AND we prayed. Many prayers. lol, anyway, a friend of mine who has 6 kids and also homeschools had lost her 5 yr old golden in AUGUST! He passed away. So they had been praying to find one and couldn't. They have 3.5 acres for him, and a pond. AND the husband said, I hope he barks, I can't stand a non barker.... well well well... Let's just say Sam might be just what you are looking for mister! They came last night with 4 of the kids and even gave us money for him!! They felt they were stealing such a great dog.(don't get me wrong, he is a great dog, but we are very very very tired. lol) So two families had their prayers answered and one dog got a really great new home. Ahhh, love that God takes care of even the things some people think are not so important.