Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hezra's Thoughtful Spot

Today we read again a chapter in "The house at Pooh Corner", and a chapter of Hank the Cowdog.(our current read aloud books) In reading the Pooh book, I have discovered some very realistic, and surprisingly modern- day characters. Bear with me a minute or two (yes, pun intended).
Okay, so we have Rabbit. He is so obviously OCD it isn't even funny. He has serious control issues and is just sadly, not as smart as he would like to think. I think that poor rabbit could use some Prozac and a weekly meeting with a kind therapist.
Then there is Owl. He is quite narcissitic (okay I know my selling is off!!) I think he tries to cover up his inadequacies with big words and lots of talk. He needs to see Dr Phil and just get REAL! Go on Oprah OWL!
Next, we have poor little Piglet. That little guy has such bad anxiety issues we need to start him on a pretty high dose of anti anxiety meds JUST to get him functional. I think that might help his stuttering too!
Eeyore is obviously very depressed! He needs a good round of anti- depressants and again, a good therapist. A few friends and a night out here and there wouldn't hurt the poor guy either!AND maybe a MRS EEYORE?? Just a thought.
Of course there is Pooh Bear himself. That fluffy little bear has a bit of an eating disorder. He has serious food issues. I mean, he plans his whole DAY around food. All the while calling a whole pot of "hunny" a "little something." Portion Control and Weight watchers could help. But he needs to be honest about his amounts! Oddly, they call him the bear of very little brain. BUT he is a creative(if not so talented) songwriter and poet. He figures out almost all of the solutions to their problems. AND he is good at making and keeping friends. Not a bad bear if you ask me.
Kanga is the sweet bio and adoptive mom who took Tigger in under her wing(er pouch as it were) and cared for him so well. Calling him Tigger Dear and all.
Speaking of Tigger! THAT is an obvious case of ADHD if I ever saw one! He needs Ritalin --not that stuff Kanga gives him!!(energy stuff??!! She is sweet but I think she may be a little ditsy) Roo. Roo may be the only normal one in the hundred acre woods. He is the bouncy but happy little fella. He loves his big brother(Tigger) and obeys his mom. Very sweet kid.

Ahh, it makes on feel very sorry for Christopher Robin. He has to the what 5 year old ringleader of that strange crew??? Kind of a lot to put on a kid!

So, that is my take on the characters of Pooh corner. I wonder what Milne was trying to tell us?? Maybe he made these quirky characters to remind us of aunts, uncles moms, dads, sisters and brothers(and let's not forget friends) That is why they have seemed so real. So memorable. AND so timeless. They are like family. Ya gotta love that!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip (getting there was NOT half the fun)

Last weekend we were heading to OKC. My twitter/bloggy friend lives there and it was her birthday. AND it was the Arts festival(which we had never attended before) Getting packed was tricky. Friday(the day before) was Riley's laundry day. He was slow or negligent. Whatever. He had not finished his laundry. USUALLY, I have them bring their backpacks, and I tell them we need two daytime outfits, two underwear,swimsuit, socks a pr of pjs. . .etc. But this Friday, I felt all out of sorts because it had been a rough week. AND my laundry system was messed up. (did I mention there was a kid holding this parade up?? Ok, I will let it go now) So, the night comes, kids are in bed. Dan says , lets watch a movie, you can relax. I watched. I fell asleep. Morning comes like a jet-- way too fast. He wakes me with coffee and breakfast and a slightly concerned look, saying, "um, honey? we kind of need to hurry." this is where adrenaline kicks in. I say, "oh CRAP!! What time is it??" He says, oh, calm down, it is ok, we just need to get a move on. BUT don't worry , the kids are all packed. (!? Don't worry?? who packed their stuff? Who told them what to pack? WHAT ON EARTH DID THEY PACK!? I jumped up, showered quickly and packed my stuff. All the toothbrushes went into my bag and all personals and meds.
I had everyone bring me backpacks and checked them. Sure glad I did, because half the crew would have been naked by the second day. They had 1 outfit, some had no underwear, others had no socks. Moriah had only 1 outfit and a swimsuit. Nothing else. OH but her dolly had a weeks worth of clothes!
I quickly cleaned the kitchen and had kids taking out trash and feeding animals. Dan had the two littles helping him clean out the van. About 20 minutes into this routine, he brings in Isaiah and has a sheepish look. Saying, ok now stay calm. . . "WHAT HAPPENED NOW?!?" I failed at the stay calm. Apparently while Dad was cleaning the van, Isaiah found scissors. He cut his hair!! HE is FIVE years old!!! He cut his hair only in the front/top, and it was long and so cute long. But now he had a crew cut on top only and the sides were long. I growled and took him to the bathroom. He was sad because he knew I was angry, and yes I felt guilty about it. I said, you have to get mommy or daddy to help with hair cutting it is the RULE!! I looked him over for a good five minutes trying to figure out some way to save some length. But I could only see it ending up a mullet, so therefore it is all short now. *sigh* and so, he had a haircut, a shower, and we left for our trip. And that man told me to stay calm. . . . Why does he say that? Doesn't he know I automatically assume it is worthy of being upset about when he says that??
When we were 30 minutes down the road, 9 yo Elijah says, "um mom?" what? " I accidentally left my backpack." WHAT??!!! "Well, I was so excited, when dad said load up, I just ran to the car." So, our first assignment on arrival was to check in our hotel and then head to Ross and get him clothes.
That night as we were watching TV and Riley was getting showered, he screams, "MOM!" I ran to the bathroom, to find him wrapped in a towel and looking desperately through his bag. "I forgot to pack shorts!!!" lolol his was the only bag I didn't check(aside from Dans of course ;-) So, from now on, we pack this crew MY way. No movie and falling asleep the night before. No relaxing. No getting lazy on the laundry. AND WE Get our bags to the CAR! oh. and no last minute hair cuts would be very nice too. And that man wonders why I get a little anxious sometimes. sheesh.