Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mama's bed and strange bedfellows

I have no idea what magic excudes from me as I sleep. It DRAWS children of all sizes and ages. Dad leaves for work early in summer and as soon as he is gone, the bed fills up like it is the last life raft on a sinking ship. Not to mention the tiny tot that comes every night about 2 am. I am all for attachment parenting. I am just all for getting a space bigger than 12 inches for my much larger body. I have noticed that when they come, they bring things with them. Moriah brings her blankie,and a pillow. She clambers up and has this soft sleepy eyed smile as she snuggles, I mean pushes in between us. Then she drifts quickly back to sleep. One morning this last week I woke up to find a mini cinderella doll, and 2 stuffed kittens, a blankie, a pillow. . . and the girl was GONE. She got up to play with the real kittens. Then I looked around and saw Rescue Heroes hanging all over my metal scrolled footboard. Then there was the flock of stuffed sheep Isaiah sleeps with-- the night nights. There were a few socks at the bottom too. All from one night of crazy sleep.

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The Source said...

Mine are too old to hop into our bed...unless it's thundering out and then we have a 16 yr old freaking out in the middle and two almost-12-yr olds at the end. :)

They do like to hang out in here at night, though, watching tv and talking on our bed until their dad falls asleep. I enjoy it, since they'll all be grown and gone too soon.