Wednesday, July 15, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I was born in this small town and have NEVER moved. Durant, OK. Not sure why, but I sort of like it here.
2. I loved school. well, I liked it until the 4th grade when I had to move. I hated that school. Otherwise I am the nerdy love sharpend pencils and new notebooks and pointy crayons type.
3. I really love kids. I know it is weird maybe, but I actually enjoy other peoples kids. (usually. . . there are a certain few who will remain name less who irritate)I love their take on life. refreshing, honest and funny.
4. Just because I like them does not mean I enjoy teaching children's church. I actually hate that to a spectacular degree.
5. I am passionate about adoption and it started with my first cabbage patch doll. Whom I really believed NEEDED me or she was doomed to life as an orphan in a cabbage.
6.Now my adoption thoughts run deeper and way more serious. I feel every kid deserves love and family.
7.I love being funny. Getting a laugh is some sort of high for me. Joyfully, my kids have inherited this and we all laugh alot.
8.I seriously HATE cooking. I like to bake for gifts or holidays or just to be nice, but I HATE making three meals a day- day after day after day.
9. I have two brothers and one sister. I remember wishing my little brother would be a sister. Even dressed him up like a girl(so sorry Joe), but I am now so glad I have him. He is an awesome and valuable wealth of information on the guy side. ;-) My spy.
10. I love my parents.
11.I adore my little brother(who is now almost thirty). I took care of him when he was a baby, then well, as a toddler. hm, now that I think about it-- as a teen too. . . well darn I have spent a HUGE portion of my life taking care of that boy. What thanks have I got??? ;-) Oh yeah, he loves me.
12. My kids are awesome. They have problems. They are not always obedient. They are real. I adore them for that. (ok well, sometimes the say anything but say it respectfully bites me in the butt)
13. It really bugs me that no one ever comments on my blog. It is like I am posting just to hear myself think.
14. I hate religion, but really love God.
15. I really enjoy teaching my kids.
16. I love reading, writing and thinking
17. I love sewing, crocheting and making pretty things.
18. I love painting. I mean like painting rooms. Murals. LOVE picking the colors and swipingthem on and watching the mood of a room transform.. . yes I know I am a bit weird.
19. I have a problem with containers. I a m addicted to them. I LOVE the idea that every thing has a little home. Unfortunately, I am alone in this quest here at my house. Others ould care less about WHERE their things are until they need them to walk out the door. Then I hear, "do you know where my _______ is?" At which point I lose it and scream YOU HAVE A BOX FOR THAT!!!
20. I love Mexican food.
21. I love Tiramisu. . . ahh with a cup of coffee with half and half. . . hmmmmm
22. I hate a messy house, but I seem powerless to fight the current.
23. I hate having people over. (see #22)
24. I love great literature.
25. I one day want to be a writer that actually gets published.


Jean said...

hi hezra!
There are so many random things about you that are like me, too! I hate to cook, hate to fix meals, love children, love adoption, I'm an unorganized person that longs to be organized hence my love affair with containers! I may have to copy your post in the future!!

I also love bloggy comments and drives me crazy when there are none!
Have a good day!

The Source said...

OK...finally, finally someone else who DOESN'T love teaching children's church. Thank goodness, I was beginning to think I had issues.

Hezra said...

Thank you! I too felt REALLY guilty for hating teaching children's church. It sort of makes no sense because I like kids and I teach my own, but OH MY GOODNESS!! It is so not my calling!!!