Thursday, July 23, 2009

mommy's sick. . . . nooooo!!!

OK, so I was feeling pretty bad Tuesday. Slight sore throat... a little weak. Then Tuesday night I had severe chills and high fever. Hubsy had to go to work for an early meeting then he was heading back home. He said YOU are going to the Dr! I said, no, I just wanna go back to bed. My throat hurts. BEsides, I know what strep looks like. After I got off the phone, I thought, oh, but I haven't looked at my throat. So I did. Um this was an obvious case that there will be no need for the culture swab. I began getting dressed in an almost laughable hurry. He took me to urgent care. The Dr. . . (picture Will Farrel in "Elf") said, "ohhh, that looks like an ANGRY case of strep!" Then he proceeded to wash his hands extra long and sat 5 ft away. . . thanks for making me feel like a freak. Could have used a hug, but no. . . So I said, um, I am in serious opain. Can't swallow, even BREATHING hurts. Is there any pain medicine I could have? I can't swallow Tylenol of Ibuprofin. He said, "oh I highly reccommend you take something for pain. I will get you Loritab Liquid". I almost cried with relief at the THOUGHT of relief. So, he said, "REST, take your meds and go to BED! Drink as much water as you can. Get better." I said, "Roger that." Then I go to pay my bill. They take my insurance card, then my debit card. THEN SHE AIMS A WEBCAM AT MY FACE!!! Hello?? She said, "I need your picture id for your chart." I said, um, "when I am sick???" She said, "well, that is the only time we see you here at urgent care." So, adding insult to injury, they took a picture of me with frizzy bed head, no make up, and looking a translucent shade of white.(which make my freckles stand out even more) OH and I had my thick lenses glasses on too!! MY outfit was halfway cute but they didn't get that! It was like Jr high picture day all over again. But I took my drugs and went home. Today, I could use your prayers. I am feeling pretty miserable. Even with pain meds, I am hurting. And I have begun feeling queasy(please Lord, NOT THAT! This throat cannot handle that!) and I woke up with a rash. I still can barely swallow. I haven't eaten much. I woke up in baggy pjs, which means I am losing weight rapidly(that could be a good thing but I need food a little!) So, please pray for me? thank you. Sorry, I do not have their webcam photo of me to post here. . . lol I can only imagine how lovely it was. I offered to bring them a glamor shot later but they said no. . . meanies. I found them to be very unsympathetic nurses!


LesleyReid said...

When you meet a NICE couple of nurses/nurse assitants would you please let me know- I will drive HOURS for kindness (Atleast) lol.
Please noone take offense but, gosh! It seems I always get the really rude ones that look at you and treat you like a Bug on the wall- I thought the title "nurse" meant TO HELP, TO ASSIST etc...
OK I am nagging. Sooooo sorry Hez, that you are feeling YUCKO, is the medicine working yet?


The Source said...

Oh my! A PICTURE! While you're SICK! That's worse than a throat swab or a shot! How mean! Why do they need your picture in your chart? They'll know what you look like when they walk in the exam room.

But at least he gave you something for pain...there are so many doctors that wouldn't. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a little better today.

Mom Of Many said...

So sad you are sick!! I will pray for quick recovery!! Love you!