Thursday, July 23, 2009

mom is feeling slightly human

In case there are any who are wondering. . . I AM feeling slightly more human. I can gulp water now. Praise the LORD! I can eat some food too. And the great thing, it actually tastes a little like it should. Faintly. I am less queasy, and in MUCH less pain. Thank you for your prayers.(thanks mama! I got your message on email but the guys have taken my phone so I can "rest." HAH! )
I had to share something kind of funny. . . My lunch(canned chicken and rice soup) was my first real meal. It was served in a 2 qt mixing bowl and with a small serving spoon.and an appology about the dishes. My supper( soft bbq beef and some mashed potatoes! YUMMY) was served in a saucer. I am guessing there was a shortage of clean dishes. Ha ha. But hey! They are feeding me and I can eat. I just had to ask for seconds on my saucer. That is okay with me. He did get them to clean up, and I heard dishes banging recently so I am guessing they had to load the dishwasher. He took them to the library(so what if it was for more movies and books to keep them quiet?) and then took three to the college pool. Riley babysat Moriah.(really funny!She was bossing HIM around.) So, I thought you might like to know I am feeling better. Maybe tomorrow I will actually be out of bed! And Dan is keeping the kids alive, and feeding me. Not bad, not bad at all.

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Jean said...

So sorry you were sick. I won't mind laying in bed and getting waited on now and then BUT why do we have to feel so rotten just to get that treatment.

So glad you are on the mend! Strep is miserable.