Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home study panic

These are the kinds of messes that happen every time I walk out of a room. A war zone in one room and a teddy teaparty in another. . . I know I should just assume the social worker knows kids live here. They seem happy in their clutter, but still. . . CAN'T we have it all clean for a little while????

I am officially in panic mode! Thursday is the big day. We still have a few things on hubby's side of the paperwork to get done. . . because he waits until the last stinking minute for ANYTHING! So, my panic levels get higher. He had to work in the city three hrs away today. So he was gone all day, then came home to nap. Meanwhile, I woke up sick! NOOOO! It is a cold of gargatuan porportions. My throat feels as though I have swallowed a flaming sword. Water tastes odd. Even though I know I need it, it is hard to drink. So, that means kids did a lot of TV viewing, and made messes I was unable to follow after and get to. My littles are in bed though, and D is up. So maybe there is still hope here. I got rid of everything in my closet that doesn't fit or that looks awful. Ahh the freedom! (unfortunatey that freedom may require going naked three days of every week for a while.) I did have lots more room in my closet though, so I moved sewing stuff there and organized it. My sewing table is clear! My bedroom is swept and mopped. And we move onward to other rooms.I can tell there are people praying though, because my anxiety levels are not as high as they COULD be about now. So thanks to any and all who are praying.

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Lori said...

You poor thing! But just relax...do what you can to tidy up then don't worry about the rest. You are a FAMILY living in a HOME...not a museum. A neat freak is a red flag to social workers everywhere...they know something is oddly suspicious when everything is in its place.

So, sprinkle a little flour on your nose, dab a bit of peanut butter behind your ears and you will be good to go. :)