Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big boys take first trip with Non and Pop

My kids call my parents, Non and Pop. They don't get to spend a whole lot of time together. I know it seems awful, but at the same time, my parents have had a bad run of health issues. Things are looking up though! My dad had his 5 month after surgery cancer scan, and there is no cancer! Praise God! Because of this my parents wanted to snag some grandkids and get away to thei favorite state park. They were gone awhole weekend, which is kind of a big deal. My house was oddly quiet with only three kids. I used the time to rearrange and organize their room.(MUCH easier to do with them away!)
Elijah informed me on night two. . . when he gets on the phone, there is no "hello mom, I miss you. . ." nope, he says in his dry tone, "your dad's a cheater at paddle boats!" OH dear! I forgot to warn the kids not to ride with dad. It is true, my dad relaxes the entire time, hands folded behind his head and feet propped up on the front of the boats.(while the paddle boat buddy is paddling feverishly around the lake) My childhood came rushing back. I said, oh man, I am so sorry, Buddy. Then he informs me he had to ride with Non on Go carts(double whammy!)She has the record for the slowest driving on go carts and he's my daredevil, need for speed guy. It was devastating to him to be ONE inch too short to drive one alone. But regardless of that one getting the raw end of both of THOSE deals, they had fun.

Here are some pics from their trip:

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LesleyReid said...

OK! THEY ARE GETTING HUGE! Looks like they had alot of fun!