Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Homestudy and cleaning. . .

Ok, Now I realize that since we have the home study update sort of planned for mid July. . . we need to do some MORE decluttering, and MORE deep cleaning. Please understand. . . we aren't total pigs. We just have 7 people living in this house(give or take a cat or two), and most of them are under 12. So, it makes for piles, messes, and STUFF everywhere. Yesterday I was finally feeling better after dealing with a sickness over the weekend, so I got it in gear, put on music, and tightened my running shoes. I cleaned with a vengence. I reorganized our school shelf which has bugged me for WEEKS. I cleared and cleaned the entry. I was amazed that somehow, these spiders up in the far reaches of my entry had passed my notice! I am really observant, but these guys totally flew under the radar.(or crawled! ewww) I swept a few cobwebs from the corners. . . and a spider fell on me!! Ok it was tiny but I HATE SPIDERS! I washed walls, baseboards(BY the WAY, a plug here-- the dishcloths are awesome cleaning rags too. They are like small string mops and get everything)I freshened the whole place with my new lavendar cleaner. It was one room DOWN! Conquered. I sipped tea and emailed. Then, my littlest said, mommy, there are ants in here.(livingroom) So we made that our next spot. WHY would there be ants??? Well, after moving the sofa, I saw. There was a half a poptart they were thoroughly enjoying. I JUST cleaned this out 4 days ago! I promise!! I move the furniture in there and mop weekly. lol But it looked like it hadn't been done in a year. There was popcorn. . . a patch of sticky kool aid dried. Ok, so someone has been breaking our rule of no drinking and eating anywhere but at the table. I waged all out war on that mess. I cleaned and scrubbed and conquered THAT room.(and eliminated the ants!) Then I went to the kitchen. I hate to even tell you what I saw there. Well, apparently,(even though I didn't clean behind my fridge) a giant wolf spider has been living behind my fridge and we scared him out. My 5 yo son killed that one and it was so big he said he needed DADS shoe.(lol it wasn't THAT big, Dad wears sz 14s lol) So, the kitchen was conquered also, but after that scenario, I gave up for the night. I was a little scared to continue and it was getting late anyway. After yesterdays "finds" I want to hide under the covers and not dig out anymore scary things. I know we live in the woods and all. . . but sheesh!! The wildlife is invading! Last month we found 3 snakes. One was on our fenceline and the neighbor found it. It was 3 ft long!!!!!(btw that one was a harmless one too) Oh, and there was a small lizard in my hubby's bathtub. We think our hunter kitty brought it. She frequently brings us gifts like that. Just usually on the front porch. I am worried I will have to tell our sweet social worker, wear tall rubber boots, and bring a fly swatter. . . oh, and wear a little Off, but please, for the love of all that is holy, let us bring two more sweet children into our home?

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