Thursday, June 11, 2009

thankful for:

I am soooooo loving my new comforter for my bed! (oh and my amazing softy pillows.) I went to overstock(I HIGHLY recommend btw) and found a plain white feather comforter, king sized, for 29.00! And two pillows for 24(I think). I got it all for 55, and 2.95 shipping!! It was like sleeping on clouds as Elijah says. My comforter is funny though. It came with 5 star reviews but everyone says, don't worry, it does fluff up. lol I wish I had taken pictures of how it came. It was packed so tiny and flat for a king sz comforter. Then over the last two days it gets progessively puffier. Isaiah (who dilikes touching people, LOVES touching softy things), keeps patting the squares just to hear the sound and watch it magically puff back up. So, not only is it comfortable-- it is amazingly entertaining! Who would have known that a 29.00 COMFORTER could bring so much joy?

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Lori said...

Sounds great! I've never checked out Overstock...I will now!

Now you've made me sleepy & I want to go back to bed. :)