Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mama's handy helpers

LOOK!! I can do pictures again! Ok, please take a look at these. (by the way, the blue one in the second photo is the truer blue. For some reason the first picture shows the blue as an aqua color)I am crocheting dishcloths to sell, to help add to our adoption account. We have two little girls, Joana (13) and Guadalupe(8) in El S*alvador waiting for us. They have been in orphanages since 2003! This is all I know of them. I have no pictures to share (YET!), but I do have God's promise that HE will move mountains on their behalf. He has asked us to "enlarge our tent, and spread wide our dwelling". I am spreading wide my arms and rearranging our home.(I almost have their room READY!!!) My heart is full and bursting with anticipation to meet them. our children pray everyday for their new sisters to get home quickly. Once Olivia knew we were working on the money. . . she immediately began praying, "thank you Lord for the money to come so our sisters can come home faster." Well, I am wildly working on home study stuff and paperwork. In the meantime. . . to pray and calm myself, I crochet. These dishcloths may appear humble. But as I was working on one this week, God was sharing with me a little encouragement. These are like moms. We are soft, but strong. We work hard for our families. We sometimes feel unappreciated(ok, so I don't know how my dishcloths feel, but I am sad to say they end up sort of piled in a heap at the end of a hard day. hmm. . . sounds like me.) Anyway, the widow woman was asked to give the last of what she had the "widows mite" was a small thing. But God takes the humble things to confound the wise. I have humble little dishcloths to sell, and they may seem like a small every day item. But everytime I use mine now, I thank God that he gives grace to the humble. HE will take my loaves and fishes and multiply them. He cares for Joana and Guadalupe even more than I do. I know when it is all said and done, HE will be glorified, and we will have obeyed, and the fatherless will be set in a loving home. Please consider helping our family by buying a dishcloth? (They make great gifts also!) They are 100% cotton yarn. They are economical because they last a long time and they cause you to use less cleaner or soap. They are SO effective, you really will clean faster and easier. And in the end. . . they are biodegradable. I am selling them for 2.00 each(plus a little extra for shipping) Right now I have these colors:
Poppy Red
Spring Blue
Snowy White
Sunny Yellow
I will be giving away three to the first three people to email me! If you are interested in an order, email me at : Thanks so much!!

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Lori said...

YES, I want some!! Do you have Paypal set up or should I just send you a check? Let me think about how many and which colors & I'll email you. :)