Friday, June 26, 2009

New baby

HAH! Did you think for ME?? Nope, for my brother. I should introduce you to my brother. His name is Joe. He is a not yet thirty, baby brother. He is probably the best brother in the world. Seriously. I hate stupid lines like "you were always there for me" so I won't use that. But he is an awesome guy. He is deep thinking and deep feeling and so smart it blows me away. His loyalty is as deep as the ocean. He is a journalist and his writing is incredible..He is one of my closest friends. He is a husband. He is a daddy. (a daddy to a sweet, smiley blonde who acts JUST like him. lol) So, this daddy and his bride are having a new baby. Yesterday they went to see the pre birth pics of their newest little darling. And it is a BOY!! But here is the fun thing. We are kind of different in some ways. My Joe plans everything. I list everything, but my plans go astray because of kids or hubby. He sets up a kennel THEN gets a dog. I fall in love with a mutt then build a kennel(um, while keeping the dog inside.) He plans to have a baby,when and all. lol Audrey did not follow her daddys plan completely. I adopt kids I didn't even birth. We are different. But we are similar too. Our kids are a CRACK up and we are fun enough to enjoy it. They decided to tell Audrey the news, so they bought a book and told her the news. (I really begged him to video this but I have not been told whether he did it or not.) I called him later, and he said they explained and she said she wants a sister. . . and a sandwich. I am surprised she did not say, do fries come with that? Combo #3, a baby brother, a small drink, small burger and a new toy please.
When MY firstborn was informed of his impending new sibling, he said thoughtfully "I don't know if I want a sister or brother. How about we get a big red dog named Clifford?"

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