Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is at my core?

I have been doing more cooking this last few weeks. Baking breads and making things from scratch. I have taught the kids a few lessons with it all, and I have learned a few as well. I have been chopping, slicing and dicing. When I chop an onion, I see its many layers. With an apple, it is simply skin, meat, then core.(oh, and some seeds in that) I have always known people are like these two things. Some people are onions, layer after layer of emotion, and thought and feeling. Others are apples(some sweet or some tart maybe) but they have a solid sort of self. What you see is what you get. Neither onions nor apples are bad. Nor are they always good. But they are what they are. And each has a center. The core. I have been thinking so much about who I am. Who I am in God, through Christ... who am I. What am I made of. What is it at my core??
You can figure out a lot about people by judging their fruit.(NOT JUDGING THEM!) What is it that they place top billing in their lives on? What is it that each of us sets as a main focus? I feel regret that there are days that I dont set God as the center. There are days when I feel life has steam rolled me before I can stop to pray! But there are days when I feel His sweet presence and the confirmation of His love... and am awed.
My core is obviously desiring to trust and obey Him, and glorify Him with my words and actions. My core values from there are to figure out myself, makes sense out of and enjoy marriage, and raise my kids to be seeking the Truth for their lives. My hope is that my priorities and actions will actually line up WITH that. May we live authentically, love enthusiastically, and celebrate endlessly.


Ruth Branson said...

What a neat post, Hezra. I read your post yesterday and, as I was choosing onions at the grocery store later on, I thought about your post.

It's a great question, too, that makes me wonder what's at my core. I'm a Christian, too, and yet I'm not always so sure that it's obvious what's at MY core.

You've given me lots to think about. Thanks.


Hezra said...

Ruth, I am trying to follow your blog but it wont let me! :-( can you email me? I would love to be e pals.