Sunday, January 17, 2010

The dance of time

They say(by the way, who ARE THEY??), that time goes by fast. They say that we will miss these moments with our kids. They also say I should put my kids in public school so I get a break. They say that I will one day miss my kids being little. This is all so weird to me. So confusing. My intent is to soak up every moment I can. Not to smother them, but to enjoy the time with them. My mom always use to say, "let's make a memory." And we did. LOTS of them. Granted, my brother and I have very different takes on them, and we remember stuff mom has forgotten. Sometimes we remembered the wrong part. But the point is, we made family memories. And I don't really think my mom wishes we were little again. I just think she wishes we weren't so busy and we could see each other more now.
But for my crew, even though there are incredibly stressful moments, I love the teaching. The re-learning. The challenges and the changes. It is simply my way. Though not many understand it, it is the choice I have made. I want to teach them at home. This is my way of soaking up the time with them. My intent is to enjoy every possible moment with them, and for me that includes being a part of their learning and their figuring out life and their place in it.
My goal is to snuggle every chance I get, kiss every cheek I can, and hold every hug as long as possible.(all while taking as many pictures as possible) This way, I don't think I will miss or long for their baby days-- just remember them fondly. I know time moves quickly, but I can be just as fast. I will just dance along. So, if you are worried about missing moments with your kids, or that they are growing up too fast-- Don't worry, time doesnt go anywhere if we are soaking up the moments. It just moves and we dance with it. So put on your dancing shoes and get grooving.

(these are Moriah's "dancing shoes" from last year. They were just inexpensive black dress shoes that she decided were tap shoes. She danced,spun, flitted and fluttered until she wore them out. I had to hide them then throw them away because they were so tight they hurt her. But before I did, I got this picture to remind me to dance so hard I wear out my shoes. and yes, I did buy her more. and this year she has her very own REAL tap shoes--which she calls clapping shoes-- and they are very loud. and kind of annoying. but we dance anyway, I just need earplugs, Thank you.)


Misty said...

LOVE IT!! I'm dancing along here... love the post, love the SHOES!!!

Deborah Ann said...

HAHA, my grandaughter has a pair of those 'loud' shoes too. I love what you said about dancing so hard we wear out our shoes. That's beautiful!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so behind on my blog friends posts! What a precious post...honestly, I cannot wait to homeschool my girls. I want to know everything that is being fed into those precious little minds. I praise you for this work because (sigh) I know it is a challenge.

I love her little shoes...oh so sweet

The Source said...

That's what I love about homeschooling. I get to be with my boys every day. I know so many people who think I'm nuts that I actually LIKE and enjoy being with two 12 year old boys, but they're wonderful. They're MINE.

Make those precious memories, mom, before you realize it they'll be 20 and you'll see them for a few brief minutes as they head out to college, work, friends, etc. Ugh.

anymommy said...

You are a delight and your attitude is priceless. I will treasure some moments tomorrow because of you.

*Overflowing* said...

so sweet...fabulous reminder my friend!!