Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bedtime rituals

Every night we have rituals. We have these crazy routines that we do... they have changed over time. The have outgrown their lullabies and moved on.
They dont want to sit in my lap and snuggle. AND I AM GLAD! They are as tall as me. This is getting crazy! 10 and 12 and they are as tall as me??
The littles dont get arn baths and full body massages like they did when they were babies either(oh to have the life of a baby in this house. I have to say, it is pretty darn good)
So, life changes. We have to change with it.
Riley has begun a ritual of a kiss on the cheek and awkward side hugs.

Moriah still loves her song,
"her eyes are like chocolate, hair like the night, skin like the sand on a warm summer night... she's my beautiful baby girl...." but she whispers after(you know I am not a baby, right?)um, so that may be drifting out too.

Olivia's thing is to say "I love you more" and see who says it first.

Elijah still gives sweet kisses(even though he told me at age three he was too big for other people to see this ritual) and tight hugs. He has never been one for snuggling or singing. But his love runs deep and strong. He is so secure and determined about life and who he is it can be intimidating. But it leaves you feeling lucky you are a part of it.

Then there is Isaiah. His life changes more and faster than anyone I know. If you have ever seen the movie "Dennis the Menace" you have seen my son. He is not really a menace, just a crazy active little boy with a fast moving brain. A brain that moves not as fast as his body sometimes. Well, by bedtime, this can put me into a stupor. A fog sort of. By the time I am getting everyone to bed... I can be a little ditzy. So every night for a whole year, he comes to me(he has begun using mouthwash-- I know he is young but it is the nontoxic type and he can do it well and has supervision by dad) EVERY NIGHT! He comes to me, and I pucker and close my eyes and lean in. Assuming it is the sweet full lips kiss of last year. But no, it is the "my-mouth-is-wide-open-for-you-to-smell-my-breath" move. So I open my eyesto see him and I have matching wide blue eyes and are (again) in this awkward position of my puckered lips are fully inside his wide open mouth. Again.I back away, sigh, and say, oops. I did it again, huh? He simply says, smell!!! with a big smile.(like this is a big surprise) and I sniff, say the regular, "wow! That smells minty fresh! Good job" (meanwhile thinking, we need to have a talk about the dating years)Then comes the sweet puckered kiss and the super tight hug. Then Dad reads to the boys, I read to the girls and we are all in bed. Sort of. Until Moriah wakes about 12:30 and says "mommy, I am scared in MY bed alone" and she climbs in with me and pokes her cold toes under my warm behind. She sighs big and smiles bigger as she wedges herself between daddy and mommy. Making herself quite at home. Then when I am thinking, GAH! I need some space!!!!! She says "I yove you mommy!" And I roll over and say, I love you too honey.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my friend....we must have the same child that sleeps in our bed! And the rituals...oh the Lottie will say "I love you bigger than God" or "I love you bigger than a sky scraper" lol

You are building such wonderful memories that they will share with their children and grandchildren one day:)

The Source said...

Awww...cherish those rituals even as they change. So cute about the mouth wash! I have one that's obsessed with deodorant right now and even though he's 12 and a half, he's still "little kid" sized, no sign of puberty or stink yet, but he's GOT to rub on some man-smell before he goes anywhere. Too funny. I've loved every age.