Monday, January 4, 2010


Beginnings always are easy for me. I can dive right in with a happy attitude. It is the midway on that get hard. By the end I am usually saying "ugh, just get DONE!!" I have been this way my whole life. I remember a coloring book at age 4. I hardly finished any of them. I would start this page... then realize my color choices did not reflect my imaginings... and get sad or mad and stop. At age 10 I would bake cookies. I got the first batch out of the oven. ate half, then stopped. leaving the dough in a bowl in the fridge. I HATE baking for no reason! I have done this with countless things my entire life. Mondays I look at with hope! I think, ahhhh a new week. Fresh with no mistakes. Then by weds I am thinking, MY goodness!! WHEN will the weekend get here!!??? I HATE having my lesson plans go awry by weds. I hate not having all the little squares checked off... I know it is a problem. and it is on MY end. I see that and it is one of my aspirations to deal with that this year too. But for now, I am simply aspiring to finish what I begin. If I am hating something, I will walk away for a moment, then come back refreshed or turn on music or something to make that thing better, til it is done. And I will learn to be ok with imperfection. In me, in my projects, my kids and my hubby.... I WILL. Here's to new beginnings! and also to happy (finished) endings


Jean said...


I've started a few projects myself and not finished them! I trying to improve on that!

I like to think of each day as a "new beginning"! It gives me more HOPE!!

anymommy said...

To new beginnings. I have some things I need to finish as well. I'm going to try my hardest this year. Deep breath.

Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Ruth Branson said...

Hi there -
I'm new to your blog in the past few weeks, and am really enjoying it...I've read back through to early summer, I think. Thanks for your posts. I'm also a (new) homeschooling mom (one kindergarten boy) and we are also in the process of adopting two children (from Ethiopia) - we are hoping for a referral in the next few months. Also, we are Christians, which it sounds like you are as well. Oh, and I have a hard time finishing projects too! :)
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I've been lurking silently here for a few weeks, and that I'm enjoying your blog.

Blessings from central Canada,

Ruth Branson

P.S. As I write this, I am trying out your remedy for ear aches, having had one for a couple of days. I hope it works!