Friday, January 1, 2010


This would be a picture of me at about age 6. I am wearing an outfit of my choosing and eating not only 1 but TWO hot dogs and sticking my tongue out at the photographer. Not a clue who (but if it was my aunt she deserved it and not even my mom would have spanked me) I am also getting a dirty look from my brother behind me. But I was actually not a bad kid. Just had a wild moment. My hair refused to stay in a pony-tail. I had a too short shirt and my belly always stuck out, and THIS was my thin days. But what I love about this picture is that I was uninhibited and could care less what I looked like. I was happily enjoying junk food with both hands. I was barefooted at the lake and loving life. THIS is what I intend for this year. More moments like this!

We have been sick for a whole stupid MONTH!! The entire month of December!! Now we are finally getting better.(yay!) and I am thinking about the plans for the new year.

I give up on resolutions...I do not get along well with them. I kill them too quickly. They are like houseplants. They look great for a week or so then die sad deaths of neglect. I am choosing aspirations instead this year. That means I don't fail... I simply aspire to do better. My aspirations for this year:( the top one being to aim for a better relationship with God. Obviously any blunders are not on His part, but mine... so I aspire to fix MY end only.)
1. to enjoy my kids MORE and not stress about their safety, behavior and clothes choices.
2. to dance more, sing more, love more and laugh more.
3. to give more.
4. to be myself more. I give up trying to fit other people's expectations and please everyone else. Not that I intend to be intentionally rude or always selfish, but just be REAL and love life.
5. to figure out this crazy little thing called love.
6. to be healthier
7. to bring home my girls!.!! Hopefully in the newer part of the year rather than the later part.
8. to save money by learning to be a better cook.

May our New year be filled with the things that make us happy and help others and share the real love of God.


Jean said...

So Sorry you have all been sick- hope you are feeling better!
Love the aspirations instead of the resolutions! I also kill them like houseplants!
Blessings on you 2010!

Praying that your girls come home soon!

The Source said...

Wonderful aspirations! I love the carefree! I hope you're all beginning to feel better? We're passing it around our house now. Did you send it to me over the 'net? :)