Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please pray

A family with the last name of Smith lost their ten yr old son, Kolton, in a car accident last week. His funeral was yesterday. Please keep them in your prayers. He was on Elijah's baseball team, so it has been our kid's first brush with death of a young person. I baked bread for the family meal, and must have cried a hundred tears in the process. I wrapped the bread before bed and went to give my kids extra kisses while they slept.Please join me in prayer for this grieving family.


Ruth Branson said...

Oh, I just can't imagine. That poor family. And what a hard thing for your son to learn about. My son and I will pray for them this morning yet, and for you as you help your kids work through it. I think I'll throw in an extra hug for my boy, too.

Blessings Hezra.


Jean said...

Oh I am so sorry... I can't imagine losing a child...

Thank you you for sharing with us. God bless this dear family.


*Overflowing* said...

Oh devastating!!! Praying for this sweet family!

The Source said...

Oh my. I'm late reading this, but will certainly pray for the family of that little fellow. How sad.