Monday, March 23, 2009

visit with friends

Olivia and Esther the horse. You can't see it, but the 3 girls gave Esther a makeover with a tiny flower for her hair.
The three girls. A.E and Olivia, and J. All born very close together(still get blown away when I think K and I had babies the SAME day!!). Providing their mamas with countless photo opps for 7 years now. Now they are tall thin beautiful girls. I remember when they were two fat 5 week olds and one teensey 3 week old. *sigh* time flies when you're havin' fun.

The little girls-- L and Moriah. My baby is finally big enough to play with her friend. I got to hear adorable conversations!!A mama with a camera is a fly on the wall.

And these guys-- when did they turn into little men??? pre teens?? Voice changes. . . YIKES!

And here is Isaiah. He actually played this time. Ok, he did a LOT of running on the 4 acres too. But he played!! WITH people!! Very big for us.
We went to visit friends. Yay I drove 4 kids four hrs!(2 there 2 back) My 5 yo says n the way there "Yo mom, you are GUTSY" hee hee- that my friends is why we keep kids around. (btw what is he like 15 in a 5 yo body??) Anyway here are some pics. We visited the farm. There were 5 grown ups, 8 kids, and who knows how many animals. And I may have to sue-- their harmless looking bunny turned into NINJA RABBIT. lol I somehow missed getting a good pic of HIM.

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LesleyReid said...

TOO FUNNY!!! Go Back! I want a pic of that BUNNY :) And more pics fun! fun!
Thanks for sharing. I keep saying one day we WEID'S will have our farm...