Saturday, March 7, 2009


This week we took three days "off" from bookwork. I was feeling a little guilty, because they were sick days for me. Then I went back through our pictures for the last few days and had to share. lol I was kind of amazed at how much we did and learned. These were real caught shots. . . no poses. My favs are of the kids reading.


-Kirsten- said...

When I read the list of curriculum it sounds *so* overwhelming...but I know our's is probably just as complex (and many of the same components)! Are you alternating subjects on certain days or do you do all of them each day?

I LOVE the pic of Moriah and Audrey reading and how Aurdey's legs are all curled up and her toes are pointed!!! lol. And the train set-up is pretty amazing. Yep, I think kids just naturally learn all by themselves even without the book work. This week I think we're going to take off and do spring cleaning/decluttering.

You're doing good! Love you

Mom Of Many said...

Love the train - and boy would my kids have a ball with that! Too fun!! xo