Saturday, March 7, 2009

Moore Homeschooling Photos

Audrey "reading" one of her favorite books from the Sonlight preschool list.

Elijah working on his Handwriting Without Tears Cursive.

The girls all putting up the March calender -- they LOVE this job.

Olivia takes planting these flowers very seriously.

And so does Moriah!!
I am loving our current curriculum! We have Sonlight for awesome books, and for History and Geography. Artistic Pursuits for art. Rod and Staff for Math(3 different levels there), and Rod and Staff science(all together read aloud lessons). Rod and Staff Spelling. Alphabet Island Phonics(3 different levels!).First Language Lessons for the Well Trained mind for 1-3rd grade. Primary Language Lessons for 3-6th grade. McGuffey Readers for all(but each in a different reader) Handwriting Without Tears for all(so 4different levels!) Speedy Spanish is from Rod and Staff also. We are having fun with that to. I bought us a Spanish Bible too. Really neat. So that is what we use for schooling the kids. Our Bible time is devotions where I think we need them daily, but the little kids are hearing 101 Bible stories(Sonlight, but Rod and Staff has it too in several languages!) I love watching them learn, read and have fun with this stuff(and learn diligence when doing their not so fav subjects!)


Mom Of Many said...

Love the pictures of the kids being so studious. Your kids are all adorable!

And from one homeschooling mama to another - YOU GO GIRL!! It's a hard job and you are one courageous mom to do it - even though it is exhausting and endless.

I am proud of you for the sacrifices you make to spend time teaching your children, far more than book knowledge, but how to grow to be Godly warriors for Jesus Christ!

Love you, Linn

LesleyReid said...

I LOVE all thats going on at your house~ Hez, you are such a great example to what mothering and teaching is all about! A LOVE FOR LEARNING!!! I mean that girl.
Love the pics! So...much going on around your place it seems. Sadly, I have had the FLU for two days and I feel the world around me SINKS IN literally when I am down. Thank the Lord for NEW BEGGINNINGS right!?!? lol.

Love ya much,