Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News on El Salvador

Our Dear Ms M from our agency emailed me today to let me know the hold up in our girls' country. They have had a presidential election. (we are praying this president makes the adoption plans swifter and better!) They are trying to get social workers to go to the orphanages where they have children who already have families referred(like our girls) to get pictures. I am praying this will be soon. We want to SEE Joana and Guadalupe's sweet faces finally. I am finally finishing up the boys new room. (still praising God for the new bunk bed blessing) and will begin the new girls room as soon as possible! I can hardly wait. BUT making myself finish one project(room) before beginning on another. I will post pictures of the boys' room(drums included) in the next post. OH speaking of drums!!!! MY big boys are playig with Dan at the easter service. They are playing auxillary percussion. And they have a natural knack(plus a pretty great teacher) so at 9 and 11 this is a pretty awesome opportunity to join in the worship team. Even if just for one service right now. And Olivia gets to join in the dance part. I am so proud of them. I can't wait to see it. lol ok, to be honest hearing the three guys practise here in the house at top volume on all those drums. . . I have to have earplugs. But Dan assures me that when it is with the rest of the worship team it is awesome. :-) If you haven't checked my post "FDA" you can see the youngest drummer in our family. Pretty cute. She has a knack too. God is so good. We are priviledged to get to train the next generation of worshippers and it is awesome and inspiring.

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