Monday, March 23, 2009

Birth mom pics!!

We had a great day with our birthmom M. (btw, Isaiah was giving Moriah a talk before we got there."Now Moriah, she is our birth mom, that means we got in her belly button, but then MOM was our mommy. You'll like her, she's nice" lol Like she has never met her, and she needed a grown up chat about the existence of birthmom. Hah!


Mom Of Many said...

So sweet! I love the grown up talk he had - Mr. Experience that he is!

We love our birth moms too...they are our heroes!!

Much love sweet friend!

Lori said...

So adorable!! How wonderful that your children have contact with their birth mom. So sweet.

LesleyReid said...

She is so pretty. I did not realize you all traveled the country these past weeks :)