Friday, March 6, 2009

the house makeover begins

After MUCH thought and mental rearranging and considering furniture we have need or need to buy/build, I think I have the rooms figured out. So now we just begin making the transformation happen. We are prepping for homestudy so this demolition can't last too long. My dear friend Teri has so graciously stepped in and gotten bossy to help me get moving because I feel so ovewhelmed I feel paralyzed! I have been trying to figure out the cheapest way possible to get beds. Target had a sae on some bunk beds and bedding. . . it was super cheap. I had them in the cart, THREE times, but God wouldn't let me get them. I just kept saying, Lord t hat is so CHEAP! And even had Dan's approval. My sister thought it was an awesome deal, my friend Lesley said, I can't believe you passed it UP! lol I told her, well God always gives me something better than what he says no about. ALWAYS! I said, just wait, I will show you! heh heh. So Teri says, hey, um we have a bunk bed set that has a loft, a desk, and shelves then a twin bed underneath that is low and on wheels. If you could trade us that queen sz bed we could call it a fair trade! WHOOHOO! So we are giving them the queen, and we get beds for two boys. Then for the girls, I found an online set of directions(free) to build a set of simple bunk beds that look sturdier than what we BOUGHT before. So Dan wants to build them for the little girls, then the new girls use the twin beds we already have. BUT I need to buy the 49.00 headboards I saw at the used furniture shop and paint them crisp white. I am REALLY excited now, because I can see it all in my head. I have a vision. The Bible says, people perish for lack of vision. Now I have it, I can move forward and DO it. The great thing is, it will all be really affordable. I will do a room by room makeover picture session too. ASAP. So that is my praise report for today. God has provided two beds I needed!

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-Kirsten- said...

I am so at the "vision" part! I can visualize the ENTIRE house changed up and all this different furniture and it's driving me BATTY b/c I can't do it *now*! God grant me patience! Funny how when we put things up a certain way we're sure it's *the* only way...and then we start seeing the other possiblities. This house is so small and I was so worried about not having enough space but now I'm seeing all these areas where we're not using the space we have. I'm reading up on the Feng Shui, too! ;) Do you know four out of five of us are "east facing" people?! Would you care to guess who is the odd (girl) out?