Monday, February 2, 2009

Boy's room mission

Well, the boys' bed is together. I will spare you all the before pics, because I was actually too ashamed to take them. Those boys can mess up a room so darned fast. But I see the reason is we need better STORAGE! I need to get homes for things. So I am in the process of planning a storage system. My mission impossible: easy, cheap, effective storage shelving along the entire north wall of their room. hmmm. . .. I better think this out some more. Right this moment there are Bionicles, Legos, Rescue Heroes, clothes, towels. . . etc etc all over the floor. So my mission better get figured out fast before my nerves are frayed. I thrive on order. And feel at peace when things are simplified and orderly.(or can be that way within 20 minutes or less!) Any ideas on affordable storage solutions are way appreciated!!!


Alicia said...

How about some shelving, use L brackets to put them up, then plastic bins to put all the toys in?

Hezra said...

yes, that could be good. I was pricing 1 x12's yesterday at Lowe's. We always use the cheap white plastic dishpans for storage bins. but the shelves never seem to happen!! thanks

LesleyReid said...

WHen you figure some order around YOUR house of seven, would you share away with MY House of SEVEN!?