Saturday, January 31, 2009

My baby boy

My baby boy!! My sweet Isaiah is 5 now! I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday he was a screaming little newborn who hated to be held. He would look at me with his little grumpy old man face and wail. Sort of glad he was #4 because he made me feel very inadequate at times. lol If he would have been my first I would have just assumed I was an awful mommy. As it was though, I just trudged on, knowing the attachment parenting process WOULD eventually work. Sure enough, my little fella by 3 mos was acting like a regular newborn. We have still faced challenges. At 1 he would climb out of his crib and climb in with his newborn baby sister!! I would wake up in the morning and find them both curled up like puppies in one crib.(very agile bo, he climbed WITH his lambie into her crib) At 2 he would be in "time out", and crawl out a window and go out to ride his trike. By crawling out a window I mean climbing up to get to it, then unlocking the child safety latches then pushing ot the screen THEN getting out and climbing down the side of the house! At 3 he hit the "terrible twos", wanting to do everything himself, and testing out every boundary known to mom. It was exhausting. Then also he had seizures start up that year. Very rough for all! By age 4, we started the emotions roller-coaster. This whole year has been filled with trying to learn appropriate emotions, facial exressions and empathy. I am so excited to say, HE IS GETTING IT!!!!!!! Woohooo. In fact, he almost made me cry last night when we were shopping for gifts, he picked out gifts for his brothers. WOW!(I will have to get a little something for the girls-- his benevolence didn't make it that far. lol) Anyway, I am so thrilled we have gotten to 5 showing real growth, and maturity, but most of all, I love the little guy more than ever. Here is the biggest news. . . he gives me kisses and hugs all the time and LOVES me too!!! I am so honored to be his mama. It has been a hard road to walk at times, esp when compared to "easier kids", but it has still been one of the best things I have ever done.

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