Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A day of thankfulness

Today I am so groggy We went to the capitol yesterday, for homeschool day. It was awesome and more on that later. But I just wanted to share how God took care of us. Some people would say that these were a lot of little coincidences. I believe it was God leading us to make the right choices. We left the capital to go take kids to get food somewhere they could be a little louder and it would be ok. We decided on Incredible Pizza. Dan was supposed to stay at the capitol because it was also higher ed day there. His colleagues were told there was so much going on with the homeschooling families, that there was no room for the higher ed people at the luncheon. So he said, well, Im just going with my family anyway. (HE was WITH us!! I would have been even more terrified without him) So, we ate and let the kids play. Dads watched them while we girls got to talk -- adoption and homeschooling. It was wonderful. So after a while, we said, you know, we really need to think about getting home. But we ended up talking more and then going to find the guys. About ten minutes after that, the guys were gathering kids and we were lining them up against a brick interior wall! (I have to mention, that tornados are my big fear. I have nightmares about it often. I am always in some strange place trying to gather my kids and figure out the safest spot. It was horrible having that played out in real life!!) So we had three mammas, 12 kids, and three dads. Girls were crying, boys were trying NOT to. Mammas were trying to reassure but at the same time not feeling so safe. We prayed and huddled and watched the giant screen they had projected the weather on. THAT was awful! You see the horrible images of the tornado, and then we have people who live there in the city with us, plus a friend who grew up there. So they are saying in whispers, thats two miles from here. hmm, thats building power, F2 now. Ok that part is coming this way. It is 1 mile away. The devastation played out on screen was NOT good for the kids or ME! I wanted to see the radar thingy again where you get the general idea!! Anyway, I had prayed, that this would pass us and we would be safe. Within a few moments it had. All the kids screamed woohoo and the moms sighed with relief. Kids even went back to play. But another one was coming!! We did the whole routine again. After that, the guys had decided that though there was another storm cell we should leave for home, and by taking an alternate route, we would pass the bad weather. So we said quick goodbyes and hugged kids( my baby girl was sad because she was asleep and missed the hugs-- so Les, we gotta get together soon!)*side note, how DID my three year old fall asleep in my lap in the middle of all that. lol?
So we had heavy winds and tired kids all the way home. But really we actually saw the sun on that route and missed the bad weather! With many stops and a food break, we didn't get home until 7:30. We had kids in bed by 8. I think I was asleep shortly thereafter, but not before thanking God for saving us and our special friends. It was a big day. I picture us in the palm of His hand though. Poor Sara(from Equador) was so terrified, and Les and I were too scared to think of the right words to explain and comfort. It was very frustrating. So I sang a hymn we had learned in our Spanish(thank you Rod and Staff!!) Esta Aqui, esta aqui, aleluya Mi Senor esta aqui. Basically just My Lord is here. but Sara sat in her mamas lap and held my hand and wasn't sobbing. I found out later, Olivia and Rachel had tied their dresses together by the back ties, so they would be together no matter what! lol The boys were so sweet to bring endless slushies to keep their sisters occupied. Sweet Austin kept checking to make sure his Olivia was safe. Another sweet moment, Ri was asking WHERE is STEPHANIE!? When she went to talk to her daddy for comfort. He looked at me like, where did you let her GO!? So, later I will publish some pics of our fun day earlier. But for now, I am sobered by the headlines of lives lost and buildings destroyed not far from where we were. Thank you God for keeping us safe in the midst of the storm.

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LesleyReid said...

I can't comment enough on this one.
Oh Dear! What a day! I am so thankful we were together my friend. I will say your Moriah was asleep and peacfully I might add because of what I call the Lord keeping her heart from being scared. Fast asleep she was- goodness. Sara was a MESS~
When we said we were leaving- she did not quit crying until we got 1/2 way home :( I love your song and sing OFTEN.
Yes! We need to get together.
I so....owe you a trip at YOUR HOME Really! But, would it be alright that I mention FREE ZOO DAY next MOnday (I think this is the 22nd?) Ah!!! If ya are up for it- if not we will come your way- just need to get back about the actual DAY and all.

Miss ya'll,