Friday, February 13, 2009


Gotcha! You thought this would be about the Food and drug Administration eh? Nope, it is about a special part of our homeschooling I jokingly call FDA. Future drummers of America. My dear hubby, Dan was formerly in the ARMY band, and currently plays for our worship team. I have two kids who really love it. Moriah and Riley --and they both show serious gifting in this area. Olivia is our piano princess, Elijah is the guitar guy. Riley calls himself a drummer dude. MY girls both love to sing and dance. Isaiah is learning the 1-2 on drums, but he seems to like guitar(like uncle Joe) better. lol when he was a year old he broke Daddy's heart by holding the drum-stick like a GUITAR! here are a few drumming shots in our new music corner of the family room.


Dan said...

Look at that smile! : )

That dude however needs to loose some wight and join a hair club. : )

Hezra said...

Hey! I think he's kind of hot. ;-)