Thursday, February 12, 2009

a day in the life of the Moore house

Today is Thursday. Not a special day as far as even the average human goes. But for a mama of a "big family"(I quote that because I feel Ihave *only* 5. lol), Thursdays are days that are coasting days. Mondays I hit the ground running with lots of hope for the week. Tuesday I figure we can hold that momentum at least. By Wednesday, I feel we are either doing well, or are OFF TRACK! Thursday, sadly, most of the time I just think we are waiting for Friday. This week. my dad is in the critical care unit having had his major surgery. It has been an emotional and exhasting week. My lesson plan book is empty. Mon says, "Papa in hospital" Tuesday "Captiol day", Weds "Papa still in hospital", Thursday, "Moriah sick, Dr at 2:15". My baby has horrible poison sumac again. All over her face. And she has what I assume to be bronchitis.(which means no more visits for me at Papa's room!) I have decided to borrow a friends idea(thank you Linn) and call it "Thankful Thursday" Today I am so very thankful my dad is alive. I am thanful God saw my family through the literal storm Tuesday. I am thankful for friends to talk with about scary subjects and have them be real. I LOVED havingthe kids who acted like kids at the state capitol.( ok, they could have been a smidge calmer!) They were real and funny, and I am happy to report the hall of busts is still standing even after the Moore family came through! I had internal images of them falling domino style after the first one being knocked over by one of my boys. I am so thankful for the blogging and twitter buddies God has sent my way. He knew what I needed! I am thankful He has seen fit to bless me with more children. I am moved to tears today, wondering what my girls down south are thinking, feeling and doing today. I have finished our adoption training video (btw, Heart of the Matter Seminars are AWESOME!) and made a 96% on that last online test. lol They only gave me partial credit on one because I rambled I think. lol
So now we are prepping for the homestudy which we are aiming for over Spring Break! This means reaorganization in every room! Ok, I am thankful for my kids. But theones here need me so I better go. Happy Tthursday to all!

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