Friday, February 6, 2009

My dad

My dad went in for a surgery yesterday. He had the top portion of his lung removed because of a cancerous mass they found there. It was a long surgery, and they said a very painful recovery process. We have been praying for quick healing and easy recovery and that the cancer would be gone. Well, the Drs report after surgery was this is a contained mass as it seems so far(they will do microscopic tests on the lymph nodes to see if there was any more anywhere else),and they feel confident they removed it all. He also was amazed it was caught at this early of a stage. (praise God!) He says the surgery was good, effective, and dad was off the breathing machine in record time.(another thank you God!) Poor dad was in a LOT of pain right after surgery. They have to make sure the patient is awake, breathing and all before they begin giving large doses of meds. So, this was hard-- to know he was in such pain. But , thank God, he was quickly able to be given a few different things. He had a rough night of pain. By this morning though, they were able to get a handle on the pain for him. He was requesting coffee by 6, and starting to get comfortable, and at one point said he felt the pain was at a "0" when it had been "off the charts". I was so concerned about the "getting him up" part. I knew how hard it was for him earlier to just BREATHE without excruciating pain. Well, the nurse had two guys to help him up, but Dad just said, you want me in the chair, ok, and GOT UP himself!! Praise God! She said she has never ever seen a patient do that! He was requesting his favorite drink, (Pepsi), and chatting and even making jokes. When I last saw him, he was tired, but seemed remarkably alert and somewhat stable as far as pain goes. He will be out of ICU tomorrow(YIPPEE), and Mom has been staying in a nearby hotel that was very comfortable. (and close to Sonic for her "happy hr Dr Pepper!") I am so excited that things are going so well. God is taking such good care of them both. Mom is amazingly calm. My brother was remarkably clear headed, my sister was her usual organized, helpful self, and Dad is showing humor and strength, and amazing courage. This was a hard surgery to agree to.(in case you wondered, for some reason, I was the emotional basket case who felt rather useless. lol) It looks like he may be out in 4-7 days(if this continues, maybe closer to the 4!) Please keep them in your prayers? Thank you to all those who have been praying already! I will keep you posted on his recovery and results of tests.

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LesleyReid said...

Wow Hez, Either your dad is really strong or just received a miracle!
I am sure he appreciates you all just being around him.
WHat hospitol is he at?
We will pray for him during school time tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know.