Thursday, May 13, 2010

mom survivor- oh the things I would do!

I was inspired tonight... when a friend mentioned how SHE would be killer on that show. I thought, wow! Wouldnt it be fun to have one that is full of stay at home moms of more than 1 kid? Imagine: a bunch of moms from every walk of life. Some moms with only two but others with 5 or 10! Moms who are street smart and moms who know how to make a meal with three sticks and a stone. Moms who understand what it MEANS to survive. gee, daily life in my house lately has me dreaming of at least the six week stint on an island. Those other gals would leave me alone or I would kick their bo bos. I would glare down an alligator with the single exposure of my "laser eyes" stare. I would crochet a hammock from dried grass. I would sip coconut milk like it was a full scale pina colada. I would work on a sort of tan(I freckle) I would lounge on the beach. I would cook some shell-fish on a rock, and style my hair with all natural ingredients. And with the tropical environment, I would probably have to learn to corn row it as well.(think of Monica from friends when she went tropical. lol) I would only feed ME for 6 weeks!! I would get PAID!! I would obviously lose weight and get into better shape. It would practically be like a free diet and personal trainer! Oh, yeah. I would win. Why? Because I. am. that. determined. BUT may I suggest a new reality show? Video the dads at home while the moms are gone. Hmm, what to call THAT one??Maybe, "oh shoot, she wasnt kidding?" or "Oh no, what HAVE I done?" or "While moms away..."

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The Byrd's Nest said...

(big smile) What a great idea....for BOTH shows! I miss TV sometimes;)
Big hugs my friend!