Thursday, May 27, 2010

God provides-- Thankful thursday

I love to see how He makes things happen. I love it when He provides for us. A few weeks ago, my sewing machine was broken. Just not working. The light was on, but the motor wouldnt even make a sound. I borrowed my sisters and have had it for the whole month. I just could not make myself pay a hundred for a machine right now. Well, I just prayed about it, and ask God to show me what to do and when. I waited. I haven't even thought much about it other than thinking guiltily I should give my sister's back SOMETIME. I have asked around about machine repair. Anywa, this morning, a friend texted me "do you know anyone who needs a free sewing machine?" lol
I sent back, YES! Me!! I have been praying for one!! She sent back: "lol, ok, I will get it to you this week! Love to see God do that!"
YAY! the girls and I are going to get busy making their pj shorts, and capris and hopefully a sundress or two for each.
Another blessing:
Recently a sweet dear bloggy friend of mine who is currently working on getting her new litle guy home from China, was given 2000 dollars from a complete stranger! How cool is that??


Jean said...

Oh yeah- I just love how God works! He is so breathtakingly amazing!

Awesome dear friend!! You now have a sewing machine that our Lord provided! He heard your prayers! Can't wait to see what you and your little ones make with it!!

God Bless you!!

Ruth Branson said...

I love stories like that. I know God hears our prayers all the time, but it's really lovely when a need gets met through our prayers. Awesome.


LedaP said...

I'm right there with you! I've been praying about how in the world we are going to bring our 9 year old daughter home financially. We need to raise at least $10K. Then, we were donated a song to fundraise with, was born, and so far have raised $2K. Today two photographer friends donated sessions for us to funraise with. It amazes me each time I receive a donation. I thought we could never reach that goal, but now I'm believing we can do it!

I'm so happy for your friend in the same situation as us getting a large donation, and for you having your prayers answered as well. God is amazing.