Thursday, January 15, 2009

needing peace

I need prayer. Last Saturday, some very dear friends of ours were violently murdered by the girls boyfriend. The young woman was 28 and leaves behind two small children, the other lady was her mother 56 and leaves behind two grown daughters and 6 grandkids. The boyfriend is in jail awaiting trial. The children are safe(they were not home when it happened.) Tonight is family night. I know I need to go, but everything in me wants to stay home and hide and pretend this did not happen. Not only that but I got a rare day lasat Saturday. I spent time at my mom's alone soaking up time with her and , laughing so hard we nearly cried. A really good time. But while I was there, our friends were dying together. It breaks my heart to pieces for the two sisters left behind and all the small kids involved. Please pray for them? And while you are praying, please pray for me? I need peace that only comes from God. I need to keep my mind focused on good, pure and holy thoughts, and not be led to sad, depressing, and scared ones. In the meantime, I am seeing this as a wake up call, to enjoy time with family. Mothers,children, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, fathers and friends. Soak up that time. I have a new plaque hanging over my kitchen window that s ays, today is the day for making memories. Indeed.

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