Monday, July 18, 2011

July 2011

Kids at the zoo 2011

Moriah and Daddy taking a break at the zoo!

And Elijah pretending to ride the gigantic turtle statue. No worries, no actual turtles were harmed in this process!

Elijah pretending to be blown away by the ginormous fan.

Olivia loving the pool!

I even got in on the pool fun!

You may be wondering what our family has been up to?? Well, we went on a little vacation. Last year our vacation included Dan injuring his ankle. Rupturing his achilles tendon to be exact! It required surgery and months of recovery! We were praying for a safe trip this year! We only went three hrs away and rented an apt/hotel. It was two bedrooms and two bathrooms and came with a washer/dryer. It had two meals a day in their cafeteria, and about 6 pools! Not to mention a lovely lake and ducks. And yes three TVS and free internet. Which is apparently very important to this crew.
We managed a trip to the zoo and met up with long-time friends.(some of our kids best friends) We went to the science museum(AMAZING!) and we swam. and swam. and swam. :-) It was 105 degrees on average. Next year I think we should take out vacation in the fall. Unless we are going somewhere cooler!

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Sarah said...

Jumbled can describe me as well, on may days. But it's a beautiful all jumbled up sort of life, like when we tickle wrestle with our boys, arms, squeals, giggles, the good kind of jumbled.

Be blessed bunches,

PS We usually stay at about 110 or 115 in July! We have hit 120 this year.