Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gardening begins

We kicked off Gardening this year with a "class" about gardening with our local homeschooling group. The kids learned some basic gardening ideas. They made gardening books. They planted a sunflower seed, and started a bean in a baggie to watch it grow. So far we have 2 of the five sunflowers growing. But it is not the seeds fault I am afraid. Some were "oversaturated" despite our teachers' warnings. Some were plucked up to check their roots early.
These pics are of that class. Riley, being a teenager, spent more time socializing than actually planting. But as a homeschooled teen with younger sibs.... he may have needed a bit of that.

We did a garden several years ago when the littles were babies. But um, it wasn't all that productive. The Hubster joked about the 2.00 cucumbers. That was all we had I think. A few cucumbers.
THIS year, I am preparing soil, planting seeds indoors, "planning" the garden... I am much better prepared. Not only those things, but also I have big time help! Elijah says he loves using the tiller. He BEGS to get to use it.(?!) Riley is BEGGING to get to build a chicken coop and chick pen and raise chickens!(!?) Isaiah has found a use for his strength and activity. He has been hauiling and lifting nearly his own body weight in dirt and manure for the soil. He digs, hoes and plucks out rocks like a machine! Moriah is not too into this "work" thing yet. But she swings and works the rake a bit. She prefers "break time" Olivia loves the planning part. she is soaking her morning glories seeds and we will plan those tomorrow to go over the arch we bought.(still in box at Goodwill for 2.00!!)
Dan said I deserve a gold star for getting them ALL out together and working. One rides the mower, one does the weedeater...etc. It is AWESOME! I am seriously hoping we get a decent batch of food this year. It would be great to get food for free this summer and fall!

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Gardening going on around here, too. All kinds of good stuff we'll see what happens. ;)

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