Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado in a small town

I am sure you have seen the national news about tornadoes lately. I wanted to share a bit and ask for prayers. Also I would like to share with you our powerful Father's abilities to keep his children safe. We spent Friday before last in a sheltered area of the hubster's workplace. My brother lives about 30 minutes away. They have no storm cellar and a new house and two little ones. I was terrified for them. The news was showing that the worst part of the storm was just a few miles from their home. I texted them and they were safe, for the moment. That was the text. "for now" There were more to come. After the storms, and I knew they were ok, there was nothing to do but pray and go to bed. Nothing else we could do.
They were without power for 24 hrs or so.
The Tiny town of Tushka-- only a few miles from the-- was a different matter. We have three families in our church there in Atoka (that I am currently aware of) that have lost their homes completely. Another had some severe roof damage. There are down trees, power lines... etc Some families right now with nothing. And entire school was destroyed. One church we saw had serious damage. It is just so awful to SEE the devastation up close. Things that shouldn't be together that are complicatedly intertwined. Like metal roofing wrapped like a twist-tie around the branches of a tree. Trees were ripped off , or even up at the roots. BIG trees, not saplings. Rvs in people's yards. Upside down. Semi trucks piled in a heap like some toddlers toy trucks in a yard. It is awful to see at the top of a hill where a beautiful Two story home was, to just see a big blank spot with debris. It is hard to believe. But these people have lost everything. Memories, photos, clothes... all they have is each other. Miraculously . In two homes, the ONLY thing left standing was the shower or closet in which they were hiding. Several people were told by God, "get out" and their homes were destroyed. One lady just said "my house is just gone! I don't know where my house is." We have church members feeding families, tacking on tarp over damaged roofing, cutting trees that are downed doing tons(literally) of laundry. There is so much to do and I need wisdom even knowing HOW to help. Please keep these families in Tushka and Atoka, and Lane OK in your prayers.

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