Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A brother sandwich

I am third in our family. A girl sandwiched between two brothers. My older sister is ten years older and moved out to get married by the time I was old enough to appreciate a sister. So sad. Then the boys? Well, they could have been Jesse and Frank James. If you think differently: stay posted. I have pictures to prove my theory. My older brother recently came back from FL for a visit. It was the first visit in several years. When we last saw him and his family it was a tearful departure and my almost six year old was a freshly turned 1. Now their boys(who were CHILDREN!!) are teens. And tall gangly things. Time flew apparently. Anyway, here are my brothers, Joe(the youngest on the left) and Paul (the old guy on the right.lolol just kidding by the way!)
This was us back a few years. The baby is Joe. The pretty lady my mom, the adorable long haired boy is Paul, and the oh so cute girly in the middle is... oh that would be me. :-)

This would be Paul with Isaiah's capgun and hat. Looking like a wild west cowboy(in cargo shorts and a windbreaker?) I am afraid neither of my brothers will ever grow up. And that may be a pretty great thing.

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