Sunday, November 15, 2009

More birthday!!(and a miraculous invention)

ok, so this is a joke-- don't be thinking I mean actual miracle. My daughter got a Barbie house for her birthday she has been wanting for forever. Isaiah(5) gave her one hint. He said, "Sis, your present...(insert dramatic pause) has A ROOF!!!" Surprise ruined. Or so I thought. She still must not have believed she would really get it because her look when she saw that GIGANTIC doll house was priceless:

This dollhouse is great. All the furniture she had but did not have room for(some was mine when I was a little girl) she now has room for. But my niece Nikki kept ooohing and ahhhing over the new stuff we did NOT have as kids. Apparently Barbie now needs a miniature toilet! This came with the bathroom furnitire. Nikki(who is more like my sister than my niece) says, "the only toilet in the world that does not need to be cleaned!"

Here she demonstrated for us, "seat goes up, seat goes down". But maybe Barbie won't need to explain that to Ken. Maybe Ken is the perfect man (as his perfect plastic coif and perfect chest muscles suggest) MAYBE he won't leave the seat up! I wonder...

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Lori said...

Oh, Ken knows...he knows. He's super dreamy like that.

I'll take 3 of those forever-clean toilets just like that, please.