Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bunk bed building

Compromises. Why does life have to be filled with them? Esp in a large family. It feels like we are constantly compromising about something! The most recent was bunk beds for the girls' room. I wanted these adorable white ones with sweet little spindles AND they came with 2 "free" mattresses. But the hubby thought 5 hundred something was too much for said beds. He said we should keep looking. Even though I had been looking for two years for those exact beds at under six hundred. But the mattresses??? Did I mention they were FREE!!?? My usually optimistic hubby became all cynical, scrunched his eyes and said "nothing is FREE-- remember the FREE puppy??" ahem, I think we were talking beds here, NOT dogs. So I looked around online and found free bunk bed/ loft bed plans to BUILD them. It is a basic set. No spindles. But it did look sturdy(very important in my house). The picture showed 6 adults on a top bunk.(I know practically WHEN would that need to happen?? but still it meant STURDY!!) So I asked him what he thought. He wanted to build them. He was excited to build them. I said, if you build it, I will paint them white. It will be our compromise. Here is the breakdown.
The supplies-- 180.00
The plans-- free
The labor-- free but several hrs of building then several hrs priming and painting

This is Dan building them. The boxes were assembled in the garage, then the posts and extras were actually put on IN the room. It is a really heavy set!

This is with the ladder on the end. IT is built. Now ready for painting!

This is the set fully painted and ready to move and get the mattresses on(which WERE free because we already HAD them.)

Moriah's bed! Made and ready for my little Ninja sleeper so she can sleep HERE and not with mommy!!! wooohooooo!!!!!(not that she did not have a bed before. and not that she stayed in it very much the first night, but I keep calling it her "special new bed with high hopes)

awwww, my sweet petite ballerina enjoys her new bed. At least for the super cute photo session.

The finished product is a bed that is simple, takes up little space and works. Not bad for under 200. The ladder is built into the end which makes it easier to build (and did I mention thereby taking up less space?). The girls love it. So that makes this one successful compromise. BUT the biggest problem now? We have to do another set for the new sisters.


Deborah Ann said...

The beds look great! I guess good things really do come to those who wait?

Chelsea Gour said...

That looks wonderful! And it's the exact same bedding as in my girl's room on their bunkbeds! LOL!

Hezra said...

I know Chelsea-- when you were painting your girls room pink and blue, we were doing blue with polka dot stickers on top and mine had already picked out their bedding when they saw your pics. they said ooooh see how cute it will look!!?? I personally love the polka dot sheets. That match the polka dot walls...

Lori said...

Wow, the bunk beds look GREAT! I'm really impressed!

Jean said...

I love those beds!! What a great idea!! How fun to have a second set for your new girls!! Will all four be in one room? We have thought about that?

Thanks for the great idea... only problem... we need your husband to build them ;-)
My hubby is not handy!

anymommy said...

It's perfect. And boy do I ever know these compromises.

Jessica said...

funny I should come across your while faced with the same dilima. To do the bunk bed thing or not? If we do, do we just do 2 and put all 4 girls in one room? *sigh* You all did a really good job on the beds, though!

Anonymous said...

it's a great bed, i just did mine in about half a day. Thanks for the idea. Good and solid.