Saturday, January 7, 2012

the kids are HOME

I know there are some who do not do facebook... and you may not know... our kids are home! We had some crazy things happen. When they were taken back Nov 4th because of a stupid contract undone, things went haywire. Our girls were taken to a NEW foster home in the middle of the night. It was told to us that the contract renewal would be 3 days to 3 weeks. Well, two weeks before Christmas, the girls' new foster mom was having a mess on her hands. The girls were being violent to each other and her. The girls were taken to a treatment center. The 4 yr old was left in a psych ward overnight for "observation." I cannot imagine what she must have thought. I sobbed and felt so helpless. They were put in yet another home, while we made fast plans to get us there the week before Christmas. We decided that if they wouldn't be HOME for Christmas, we would go to THEM. We spent Christmas in a hotel. I asked my caseworker for the contact info for where the contract was supposed to be. From a hotel room, I made a call on Tuesday explaining our situation. I explained that this contract was the only thing keeping these kids from being home. I BEGGED for help. She took my number and name and said she would see what she could do. She also told me it was typically a 2 week process from the time they received it. They had just gotten it! GRR. So we simply tried to enjoy time with the kids and prayed daily for it to come through. Our week was sort of hectic. 10 kids, two hotel rooms... 4 adults... but there were moments of fun and we DID get to be together. Then I got a call thursday that the contract was done and ready!!! The kids could not come home with us the 26th, but they were flown in the 29th! So they have been here just over a week. This week has been hectic. Paperwork for school(I have to enroll them for the 6 mos before finalizing), medical stuff, behavior issues. There have been boundary testing, heart issues, anger issues, rejection issues, fear... you name it and we have seen it. We have prayed and held crying kids and stopped fights. We have accomplished nothing but feeding, loving and discipline for a solid week. I have been told by the new son he felt this was not the best place for him when I set limits on the computer. I have been kicked, and screamed at by little girls. After their hearts are calmed they apologize but it is very hard not to get so tired in the middle of it all. Lack of sleep, lack of food(not having TIME to eat!!), and lack of prayer time and quiet time are getting to the adults. However, yesterday and today we have seen some breakthroughs. We are seeing progress, and they are bending bit by bit to what we expect of them. I even think they are finally beginning to believe we love them. But have I mentioned I am tired?

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Jean said...

Thank you Hezra- for the update!

I am not a facebooker!

Congratulations and we will say prayers for your new and enlarged family!!

God Bless You All!!