Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time of serious praying

I know I am way way WAY behind on blogging. I am barely able to post quick tidbits on facebook. But to update any of you who have not heard, and to get MORE prayer(cause I am greedy right now on that one): our adoption story took an odd turn. We were to visit with the kids from Oct 27th- Nov 4th. We were praying the ICPC would go through fast enough to let that "visit" turn into placement. Well, about 3:00 that afternoon, we got the call saying the ICPC is done-- they can stay TELL THEM!! So we did. We heard whooping and yelling and celebrations were already being planned for family fun night(it was Friday). Then I got a call from the supervisor saying "step away from the kids". UGH, no!!!! It was discovered that our agency's contract with their agency had expired. It was a crazy fluke. But it meant packing up three crying children, trying to keep it together. It also meant packing them for unknown TIME! Then I find out the girls were going to a new foster home. Their flights were for 9. It was delayed. They landed about 11. Then the supervisor took the girls to their new home, and the case worker took our son back to his previous home. We were told it would be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for the processing of that contract. In the middle of that(on the 3rd), my best friends 41 yr old husband died at 4 am. It was a massive heart attack. It was a complete shock. He was really a healthy guy. Loved his fammily. He was an amazing brother and friend to me and his wife's beloved. I left the kids with Daddy and went to be with her for the day.(really I spent far more time loving on her three kids. They are 12, 10, and 7. The two girls birthdays are the 16th and 23rd of this month, then thanksgiving and christmas... it is all without their very special daddy. I was still reeling from that when we get devastated by our kids leaving! Now it is so close to thanksgiving and it looks like we might be spending it without them. They are not allowed to come here for the visit we were promised. It is not legal without the contract in place. We were told we were welcome to come there, but the kids are 7 hrs away from us and probably 45 minutes away from each other. We are not allowed to have them with us at a hotel, so we would spend a ton of time driving! The time and money involved make this practically impossible at this moment. So we are waiting to hear that the contract is ready and they can come home. Please pray with us?


Jo's Corner said...

Hi Hezra ~ I will be Praying for your Mama Heart and for the children you love so much. It sounds like they already know they are yours and my prayers will be that their little hearts will be filled with Hope and Peace and the knowledge that soon it will be FOREVER!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs ~ Jo

Sherri said...

My heart so aches for you...I will keep you in my prayers! I'm so very sorry all of this is taking place. I would have thought your children would have been with you by now.


Jean said...

So many twists and turns- that is so so hard...

Saying prayers for you, for all your kids and for your friends family.

In time all will be as it should be but for now it is heartbreaking...

God's blessings on your holidays-